I own a small bit of this. It was down 20% yesterday, a combination of CPI plus their Q2 earnings release.

This led me to scratch in the data pile to see if I want to add, hold, bail out.

Investor presentation after Q1:…

Q2 earnings presentation:…

54% revenue growth, down from recent 62% growth. 70% growth in enterprise customers. Losing money, of course. $3.3 billion market cap. $2.72 enterprise value. EV/S around 8.

I think worth a look.

As I indicated in last posts, I need to find some stocks I like for a 2-year horizon. Put it in the sock drawer and leave alone.



I’ve added 50% shares in BRZE since the OP, in three buys. First one was day of the OP. That is down 16%, not a great price. Second batch bought on 10/11, down 8%. Last buy on 10/13, must have been an ugly market day, up 4%. Well, they had investors day then. Couple of items: Braze Unveils Real-Time Data Activation and Messaging Innovations at FORGE 2022 in Partnership with Snowflake and WhatsApp.

BRZE is just over 3% and that is enough for me. Marketing and customer engagement don’t interest me too much. I’m too 20th century.

BMR, boys and girls, or so I tell myself. I had CRWD, DDOG and SQ put to me on Friday. I sold DDOG and SQ at the open yesterday, above the strike prices. I then sold SQ calls on the original position. Still holding CRWD although I sold calls at 160 strike price (versus the $155 put strike price). Market sucks.



that investment decision seems…brazen.

(see what I did there?)


pointless emoticon: :farmer: