Looking like…

I bought the Saul stocks too early, per premarket.

We will see.

Cash about 43% as i sold half the ddog in premarket.

Glbe and upst are bigger worries if post-er drops.

Looking like a loooooong year, folks.


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Waaaay late, but sold BILL today. I found Jon Wang’s analysis an update from Muji. RAMP seems to be disruptive from both quality of programs and quantity of growth. Would have been nice to figure this out prior to earnings…

Also sold GLBE today. My view is that we will experience more global economic contraction if nor recession, which in my view will slow business/consumer spending. I see where businesses are going full force right now but I’m skeptical that will continue.

I have a good chunk of cash in my growth sleeve. ~40%…looong year it is!


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Honestly, Jon Wayne doesn’t have a clue. Guy is a feather during a hurricane…no clue which way it will blow at any given moment.

People need to stop worshipping false idols.

Like Bear coming on in January or something and providing “context” or “reassurance”.

If they would all admit they were just monkeys throwing darts, I would respect their views more, but you are seeing post after post of followers that are losing their shirts and weren’t ready for it.

It is all our own fault.
I just realized that Rationalization is a super power.

ZS “down” to a 30 P/S??? BARGAIN!!!
DDOG “down” to a 30 P/S??? BARGAIN!!!

You get the idea.
I remember in 2018 when I seemed to be catching a post-ER pop in about any stock I looked at. I knew that wasn’t due to my genius or the power of SaaS or that “this time it is different”.

And valuations now are largely still higher, especially in commonly-discussed growth stocks around here, than they were in 2018.

TTD was an undiscovered stock at P/S 8 around $2b mkt cap. Still at 18 P/S. I will allow for 12 P/S to account for being “discovered” which is still huge over 8. That brings TTD price to what?

Before this is all said and done, I may be buying TTD back at the price I sold in January 2020. That would be sweet.

my 2 cents, but I am also just a random dude on internet.