Browser headache from Discourse!

My 2012 Mac Pro is OS blocked at Mojave (10.14.6) and until this morning, Safari ((14.1.2 (14611., has been fine with TMF, but now I’m getting a message:

" Unfortunately, your browser is unsupported. Please switch to a supported browser to view rich content, log in and reply."

What’s up with this? While I have Firefox, Safari has always been solid, working with all our financial sites, so there’s not been a need to change… And Safari is/has been my default for decades…


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The current version of Safari 16.3 (18614. so it does not appear the issue is the current safari. Within the last week I saw one of those Security Alerts where they supply something that you don’t get to choose about downloading – it just comes. This Alert applied to Safari 12.x which also is later than yours. (This is the first upgrade of any kind to Safari 12.x in a period of years according to the piece I read.)

My guess is Safari 12.x was given an emergent security update which your machine can not accept. So in essence the Safari version on your machine has had its security permanently compromised by the existence of some hack/virus.

An automotive analogy to your Safari — your seat belts and air bags have been disabled and Apple thinks you need to either switch to a different browser or get different hardware.

Speaking of hardware, you might want to check out the new Mac Mini. It should great until I found out Apple has cut some corners - the Read/Write speeds on the new one are slower than the replaced Mini.

Except I am running Safari ((14.1.2 (14611., not Safari 12.x.x MalwareBytes shows an All Clear, Discourse is playing games with Safari, but not Firefox, so the temp solution is to shove TMF discussions onto Firefox, leave all my other tabs, links, on the Default Browser Safari … Just a pointless PITA caused, not by me, but the TMF/Discourse whizkids…

The plan is to hang onto this 2012 MP/32Gb/2Tb SSD/3-2Tb HDs either until I see a reasonable Pac Pro or I’ll try for a Studio, use the=is same 32" Dell monitor, but re-house the backup dives in a separate case… Also some sotware upodates at that time…

Sorry I brain swapped your Safari version with Mac Pro version.

Until the new Mac Mini came out I was looking at the Studio also. The Mini looked good until people started reporting performance. Now I have about decided not going to the Mini. I am wondering if I want to M1 Studio or if I want to want until the M2 Studio comes out. I expect the M2 Studio will come with a price increase.

I am just have various issues with my Intel iMac. When I reboot my machine, I have to connect the wireless Magic Key board with a cable - Bluetooth just won’t connect - at least in 5 minutes which is as long as I have waited. Another Bluetooth issue - when the system goes to screen saver about half the time mouse or track pad disconnects. And the most frustrating thing is randomly all the icons on my desktop except Time Machine disappear. I can get them back by rebooting or Force Quitting (or Relaunching) Finder. This is just plain random. Might be OK for 10 days, might happen twice in an afternoon.

Why I keep this 2012 MP is the easy access to the internals, to update wifi/bluetooth, hard drives, memory, fans are silent, it just works… Bt adding the 2 Tb SSD, speed came up to pretty much makes it a new machine, other than Apple stopped it at Mojave, and the older versions of aoftware I use … Current Uptime is about 11 days this time, without rebooting, I try to reboot weekly, just because, but haven’t bothered lately…

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I’m not sure if it’s worth just using only safari for secure browsing unless using VPN, like Nord, along with it.