Discourse does not like Safari

And The Captain does not like Discourse.


Discourse said that Safari was outdated. Citi was saying the same thing but Apple’s App Store said it was up to date. What the heck is going on? Google ‘Safari update’ and it takes you to a page with instructions that don’t work at the App Store. What the heck is going on? Check to see if Safari has an update feature. None that The Captain could find.

Click on About this Mac. It has a Software Update… button. Give it a try. It checks for updates and tells me than there is a new macOS and a new version of Safari but I don’t want a new macOS. There is an update for Big Sur and for Safari.

About half an hour later, here I am!

But why is one Mac app saying NO updates while another says YES updates? Most un Apple like! Must be that Tim Cook guy! :imp:

The Captain

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Only thing I can think of is there is a new Safari in the new macOS. But not a new Safari in the current macOS? I’m currently on Monterey 12.6.1, and Safari 16.1, if that helps.

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Now updated to
Big Sur 11.7.3
Safari 16.3

The Captain

…and that goes to the agedness of the computer…not the driver…LOL