C-Span LIVE on youtube now for 6th Hearing

C-SPAN also has a new app you can download - should you need to step away from the proceedings - which will allow you to play back what you miss:


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I just saw the future of what comes after the GQP in Kelly Hutchinison, and her testimony about plate throwing, physically assaulting, Donald F. Trump.

That is one brave American and I hope real Republicans and Democrats step up and hire her immediately if she wants to be employed in government again.

If not, she might need Witness Protection.

I’ve not seen or heard more riveting testimony against a President since John Dean. And Liz Cheney, although our politics are miles apart, I’ll send her campaign a check and wish her well against the scumbag MAGAt running against her.

I keep thinking about Trump throwing dishes against the wall in the White House, not once, but many times. And then the coward laid hands on a deputy riding with him in the limo, after the demo blocked Trump from lunging for the steering wheel?

Trump needs prison time. Lock him up. And this nation needs to pay homage to Kelly Hutchinson.


Oh, and Trump knew many in the crowd were armed with bats, spears, flagpoles, handguns, AR-15s, bear spray, body armor, and many of them refused to go through the “Mags” so as to have front stage standing? Instead, they worst of the worst hung back, Trump knew they were armed, and he wanted to allow them front stage access because “they are for me, they won’t hurt me” with their weapons? He urged these armed traitors to march down to the Capitol!


Trump for Prison 2023.


I think she gave us small bombshells in her testimony. She also set up landmines for a bunch of people. If anyone wants to dispute her they will have to take the oath and won’t be able to plead the 5th.


I am wondering if she has recordings that have been turned over to the committee to back up her claims. Everyone carries mobile phones; which means everyone carries a recording device.

Did she ever use the phrases “I saw” or “I heard”?

Seemed to be much ado about nothing actually seen or heard.
But the never ending hearing does seem to garner a lot of talk-show coverage.

Seemed to be much ado about nothing actually seen or heard.

I agree, It’s in the constitution, every Vice President should be hung in front of the Capitol Building at the end of their four year term by insurrectionist



Search for the word heard.

The transcript has not been released yet. When it is, you can search for those phrases. All the people who claim she was wrong or lying have to do is take the oath and testify before the J6 committee.

Even though this topic is an existential threat to the USA, posting anymore on this is an existential threat to this board. I am ignoring this thread, but feel free to reply privately.

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