Call from old TMF buddy - OT

Received a surprise phone call from an old friend last night. Some of you might remember Bill Ford from those “olden times”. Way back when, the TMF group was very close and many of us are still friends - a few but not many, have migrated to this site. Bill and many of the old gang were very helpful to me, (back in my PC days, prior to my wandering over to the dark (Apple) side. LOL Some of us have stayed in contact, Bill, several years ago, drove down and spent some time with DH and me. I suggested this site to him, he may? appear one day??? He does remember some of you so I thought a couple of you might like to know, he and his family are well.


Yes, the name rings a bell, back in the, in my case, dark days of trying to keep our PC cleaned up and useful… maybe ‘blford’ in those days… ??


yep, that’s him. Was a great help to many of us then. Lives in Virginia…don’t know if he’ll venture back into this site though. I suggested it however…??


Interesting – I also got a call from Bill yesterday.


Would be nice to see some of the old-timers come back. The place, with so few people remaining, is almost like it was back in the 90s when I joined.

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lol - guess bill was catching up with his old TMF pals. He mentioned calling you too. Gordon.

Catch up before we all slip away, I know many great folks have passed, but unless they were in touch personally, many just vanish…

I find the same with our WeCo/LU retirees, and even old HS, college classmates, many never caught up with computerish things, maybe couldn’t afford them, many of us have dropped our old land lines, cone to cellular, or they have, so links are lost… Sad, but it seems to be the way it is… Sometimes the grapevine picks up the news, but many families never post an obituary, costs again are pretty high…