A little "Airplane!" humor could neve

A little “Airplane!” humor could never be used to close a board.


Shirley, you jest!

DON'T call me Shirely!!!

a man willing to call TMF’s Bluff

p.s. I betchya Avg Joe is out there somewhere Laughing


Egad, I haven’t thought of AvgJoe in years! I once admired the photo of a succulent in his backyard that he posted and he sent me one! I have the feeling that most of the people still on my favorite boards have been here, like me, for decades, since the beginning, when the Motley Fools were a bunch of young friends in funny hats.

You made me think of many long gone friends I never met but knew well.



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p.s. I betchya Avg Joe is out there somewhere Laughing


However I doubt he even knows about it.

Since ‘the incident’ I suspect he’s moved on.

I doubt he pays any attention to TMF.

AJ’s puzzles were a kick, I sent him a photo of a nice maple tree in my brother’s yard, and he rendered it into a puzzle, my brother got quite a kick out oof it…

Times change, 'ol AJ pushed the limits just a bit too far it seems…


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Hey Trini!!

Talk about flashbacccks, I saw your name & thought of GrumpyBiker.

It has BEEN AWHILE since he has been around.


a man with memories