25 Years in Fooldom!

I can’t believe that I joined TMF 25 years ago.

While my life and career got in the way occasionally, I have been a follower and contributor here at the Fool for what seems to be forever!

I’ve learned so much from my fellow Fool posters who have helped me and my family live comfortably within our means and enjoy the world and all it has to offer. I hope that I’ve helped others along the way as well.

I wish all of my fellow TMF friends All the Best in your investing and financial life so that you too can live comfortably and enjoy life.

→ probably won’t be here for another 25, but this past 25 has been great :wink:


Congrats, thats quite an accomplishment…doc

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You’ve got me beat by 17 days.



Glad you were around to welcome me when I showed up five years or so later! I remember you particularly from those early MF days because the family car of my infancy until I was 7 years old was a 1938 Packard!

david fb


Noob. :grin:

Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Uncle Scrooge (it said I needed more characters)


There’s a lot of old timers still on the fool…doc


On the old MF, my profile said “member since at least Jan 1, 1997” but they didn’t have an exact date because I joined before it officially was the MF. Some other internet company named AOL (:crazy_face:) ran these boards for a while in the mid-90s until the Fool managed their own boards in 1997. If I recall correctly, it was 93 or 94 that I first used these boards, before that I was active on Usenet message boards.


Happy to know that I’m among some good company!!! Cheers!!! (or cake!!)



Interesting… I think the last time I looked, it was Dec 3rd, 1999 (from my Mac Calendar App), maybe from the old boards, I don’t see it in my profile here, so maybe that was what they had… I thought it was earlier, but I was also on Yahoo, and a couple other boards back then… We used to get Ballons here! I guess that went away with the new setup…

So many changes, and more waiting, I’m sure…

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Hey 38,

Don’t spend your savings all in one place.


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You get cake now instead, but anniversaries are still celebrated. And yours is right on your usercard…just click your name (or anyone’s) to see their card, which includes their anniversary date.


Aha! Funny I looked all over yesterday, but missed the obvious, it seems! Cake! More carbs! Tough time of year for my pre-diabetic, low will powered self! Maybe an extra mile or so to make up for it!!

Thank you!