call & szym

Hi Saul & All;

We have not had much discussion/update on CALL and SZYM lately on this board. Any new thoughts on these two names? CALL seems to be slipping slowly - investors are anxious/uncertain about its new product roll-out plan?

SZYM is not making much of a move lately. Maybe people are waiting for its progress report in Q2? My feeling is that SZYM is a longer-term play with huge potential. Its Q2 report is important in terms of progress but its numbers won’t be pretty as the large amount of spending in plant opening will hit the bottom line while revenue from the new plant will be nominal.

Any thoughts?


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Hi M

I agree with your assessment of CALL. Investors, including me, are not at all sure that the new product and advertising rollout will succeed.

I agree also that SZYM has great longterm potential, but that it won’t all happen in the next quarter.



I have been watching CALL too, I have a small position. It is a lot riskier than say UBNT because it is unproven. They are trying to change people’s habits in telecom. Saving money is a powerful motivator but it is still looking for change.

I think that the important takeaway here is that you keep position size small until you see some traction. If you get some market traction add to your position. If not you had a small position so you are not hurt much.