calling all Swifferinos

The hubster’s dementia is at the point where if I don’t catch the need in time and force-march him to a toilet (if you can picture someone w/Parkinson shuffling gait marching-), he pees on the floor. I’ve been soaking it up with paper towels, then Swiffering with Chlorox disinfecting wipes. But what I really want to soak up the pee is something very absorbent to attach to the Swiffer so I don’t have to bend repeatedly and go through so many paper towels. (Although, to be honest, I’m getting stronger taking care of him, including in this way-).

So do you know of a non-wet, non-dry/dust-mop atachment for Swiffer? Or some better idea? (DD suggests I use bath towels, but I prefer not to run a tiny towel load of one or two towels daily–I did try it once and rinsed the towel in the tub, but that was at least as much work as paper towels.)

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Hi Astro…Searching the web I saw this. Don’t know if this is what you had in mind or if it will help.…


For damp mopping with the swiffer, I use face flannels and tuck them in like the swiffer disposable thingies. Buy them by the hunch and for a big job have one in soak while I’m doing the business with t’other. Just soak and wring them out when I’m done. Cutting up an old towel…specially the microfiber types I use for when I bathe the dog…would work too.


So sorry to read this. It has not been easy for you. May I ask, have you tried Depends or some equivalent? It might obviate or lessen the volume of floor mopping you need to do.

Best wishes, JAFO

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I’m sorry that you are having this stress. Sending extra-warm hugs. {{{alstroemeria}}}

In your place, I would use one of the super-absorbent products made for baby diapers. These are thin enough to hold to the Swiffer surface with large clamps. The contain synthetic polymers that are much more absorbent than cotton towels. (That’s why they are called “super-absorbent.”) Not cleanable…but millions of people use disposable diapers. This is assuming that you want a way to clean up your DH’s “accidents” because he doesn’t want to wear adult-size diapers.…



He’s been wearing Depends for a few months, but he won’t consciously pee in them (he has done one full pee and a few partial pees in them over several months). However, just a few minutes ago he poo’d in them for the first time. Imagine pulling down the shorts of someone resisting, tearing down both sides of the Depends and carefully removing so as not to drop the poo, dumping poo in toilet, dropping Depends in wastebasket, preventing him from pulling up the shorts before I washed his bum, balls and inner thighs.

Not ALZ but primary progressive aphasia, logopenic variant, which adds Parkinsons in the advanced stage. Which we’re in. At this point he has a hard time interpreting the need to poo. He had tried peeing several times to no effect. This is part of Parkinsons.


Normally I have 12 hours of aide time/week, but last week I had covid, and this week he does, so I’m on my lonesome. Can’t leave him home alone so I can;t leave the house. He rarely wants to go out these days. Not long ago he used to pester me to take him out more. sigh. Can’t wait to the aides are back so I can get out, resume long walks, do my own shopping.

I just set up my new Apple Watch yesterday. Today I walked almost 6,000 steps without leaving the house. Nope, wasn’t trying to up my steps, I was genuinely curious what it would be. I guessed 2,000 thinking it really would be that much. hahaha.

Thanks, LurkerMom–I’m ordering from Amazon now.

face flannels

Is that the British term for wash cloths?!

I have lots of raggedy ones in the rag drawer–will try tomorrow (if not sooner…)

I should add that my husband hasn’t been able to understand English for some years, and hasn’t been able to speak other than gibberish for even longer. He was diagnosed 15 years ago. So no communication other than tone of voice, hugs and such, so I can’t ask him to do things or ask him anything. Or even model behavior. Note that he has 2 degrees from MIT, was a very good sailor (won a couple of solo races), computer scientist/programmer/architect, and an excellent orchestral and choral conductor (he has conducted a full opera, ballet, amateur Broadway musicals, and orchestral works–I played under his baton, he really was great). He got exercise–great walker and swimmer, ate well and was barely overweight for a few years at worst. He remains very strong.


Is that the British term for wash cloths?!

Must be. It’s what husband and I call them. Not the sort of thing that’s a regular topic of conversation outside the house so I haven’t dropped that particular word from my vocabulary, it seems.

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I know I’m kinda late to the party but…

I use these to wipe up spills in the kitchen. They are kind of like reusable paper towels. Sort of like a flat sponge.…

AC getting caught up


Thanks! I watched the video, and DW gave me the OK. They were on sale, plus a coupon, plus I used some points from my Amazon credit card. Net cost = $2.12 for a pack of 10 cloths, to be delivered day after tomorrow.

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Followup: These sponge-cloths (pack of 10) arrived today, and I couldn’t wait to rip open the package, wet one down and try it out in the bathroom.

Verdict: 5-stars! They’re about 2.5x the size of a typical kitchen/bath sponge and about 1/4 the thickness, which makes it very quick and easy the clean surfaces and, esp., irregular shapes, like faucets. You can stick 'em in the dishwasher to clean them. I don’t know how I lived without these.