urine on floor

Nope, no pets.

My husband’s dementia is getting more advanced and he sometimes just whips it out and pees on the floor (could be worse–I recently stopped him from peeing against the glass doors of a low display case). It used to annoy me when he peed in a wastebasket (heh–especially the wicker ones and the one with the crack in the bottom!). Now I hope for it as they are all solid plastic :wink: [NOTE: yes, he lives at home and still shares our bed.]

My floors are maple coated with a thick plasticky layer of something like urethane–so not bare or waxed wood. And ceramic tile in the bathrooms and laundry room. I’ve been sopping up the puddles with paper towels, then spraying with Windex and wiping it off (being careful not to leave a slippery spot). But I’ve been told Windex couold be bad for the floor. Is it??

Advice online seems to be aimed at pet urine and long0term human urine. I get to hubby’s puddles immediately or close to.

Maybe I should mix up a very dilute solution of Dr Bonner’s lavender castile soap (which I have on hand but don’t use much any more) to wash the floor after sopping up the pee?

I want this to be easy–it can happen more than once a day.

While I know urine is sterile, I presume it soon won’t be if left on the floor for a while so I do want to clean up every drop. Not to mention that I don;t want my house to smell like a nursing home. Even if it kind of is one these days.

I now have him in Depends, but he refuses to pee in them(!). But if I give him his regular underpants, he has had 3 accidents in the past week. Depends wards off pants-peeing! I note that he no longer understands language so it’s not as if I can explain anything to him. I have a commode from when my mom lived with us after breaking a hip, but have only gotten him to use it a couple of times. He occasionally sits in it like it’s just a new chair :wink:

Yes, I put a pee-proof pad under the fitted sheet on his side of the bed and have smaller such pads in his usual sitting locations around the house and in the car. I have cloth seating everywhere except our leather recliners and dread having to clean urine-soaked upholstery/mattress.

PS–Most amusing pee accident: the shiny glass bathroom scale. Which I now have tucked under my vanity where it’s pretty inaccessible to me so I don;t have to watch my weight so closely :wink:

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This stuff works wonders
Life Miracle Enzyme Cleaner & Pet Odor Eliminator Concentrate


There are a lot of products that will take care of the issue. Sometimes letting it sit for a bit or a second round is needed to do it’s job. With what you describe it should be an easy, spray, wait a few minutes and wipe to be done. Two cap fulls of this stuff to 24oz spray bottle with water works quite well, dilute to your liking.

Cover the mattresses and other fabric furniture.

That’s for fabrics, apparently. Her problem (as I understand it) is wood floors.

The best I can come up with is Murphy’s Oil Soap. Bleach is a no-no, and Windex with ammonia probably is not great for the finish either.

That’s for fabrics, apparently. Her problem (as I understand it) is wood floors.

Works on that too, I know it does for a fact and if you read further down


Alstro, go to Amazon and in the search engine type in “urine wood floor.” Dozens of products come up, including those for other surfaces than wood floors. Many of the products listed are available in your local Petco or other pet store. I’ve had good results with products by Natures Miracle, and I see that that company has a product listed specifically for wood floors.

You should have a waterproof mattress pad on your bed, even if he has not yet started wetting the bed, and if that does start happening, go to the pet store and buy some “pee pads” designed for housebreaking puppies and keep one between the mattress pad and the bottom sheet.

If any upholstered surface or carpet has even a trace of urine odor, Febreze works.


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Thx all.

You should have a waterproof mattress pad on your bed

I do except in cold weather when I have a heated mattress pad on the bed. It’s hard for me to get 3 layers over the corners by myself (old shoulder injuries).

So… Murphy’s Oil Soap won’t make my floor oily? Remember it;s coated in plastic and won’t absorb anything. Husband is very sure-footed even now, but I’m a bit of a klutz-.

Perhaps a Texas catheter?



Didn’t work in the hospital (he kept pulling it off or moving so much it slipped off).

Murphy’s Oil Soap won’t make my floor oily?
It doesn’t make the floor more slippery. At least not after you’re done using it to clean.
It is a soap - the “oil” part in the name is that the feedstock for the soap process is vegetable oil (as opposed to using fat)
The floor will be more slippery when wet - but I think that’s true for any cleaner you would use.

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