The Swiffer Duster -- so wasteful, so wonderful... options?

I have lurked at this board/category for many, many years. I don’t think I have ever posted.

I inherited a huge pile of assorted cleaning equipment when I cleaned out my father’s house. He had multiple care-givers who all had their preferences for light housecleaning. On top of that, there were all of the strange off-brands of cleaning products purchased during Covid, because that is all we could find.

I had used those expensive Swiffer dusters in the past, reserving them for difficult to reach areas – ceiling fan blades, mini-blinds, those little spaces between and behind furniture and appliances that you can’t reach with a vacuum or where you need a small step ladder. Now that have I several boxes of the disposible dusters, I have learned how much easier it is to quickly and thoroughly dust everything in my house. But I will run out of them some day. My economical and environment-loving heart might not allow me to buy them in quantity once they are gone.

My second favorite duster (and dusting is one of my least favorite things to do) are the microfiber cloths. I probably have about 300 of them now, between the ones I bought for my house, the ones I had for my office, and the many I inherited from my Dad.

Has anyone found a reliable way to attach a microfiber cloth to a long flexible stick so that it would function as well as a Swiffer? Is there a product that already does this?

I am not crafty and I do not want to get out a sewing machine, but I would be willing to make some simple mods to a handful of reusable microfiber cloths.

For now, I will be happy not to spend money on cleaning supplies.


At first, I saw the word Swiffer and missed the “Duster” part of your post, so I immediately thought of

for their Sh-Mop product which we use on our floors, for a reusable Swiffer-like mop option. They have several dusting options, though. Perhaps one of them meet your needs.


I generally use a feather duster, but have used the dusting mitts on occasion.

Small microfiber cloths attach to the Swiffer head much like the disposable “wet ones” (which I don’t use…I sub washcloths instead) However, for dusting wood floors, I occasionally use…because I only occasionally dust the floors…the fluffy duster thingie from the Bona floor system

I took a photo to demonstrate but I can’t fathom how to post it so I’ll assume you know what I mean.

Thanks @jjaym. I am a fan of The Clean Team, read their book and bought their products for years. I had forgotten about them. I have a Sh-Mop somewhere – wore out the washable replaceable pads. I think I had an earlier version of their duster on a long pole, but I remember it being rather heavy and not something I wanted to use to dust the top of bookshelves. Maybe that has changed. Thanks for reminding me about them.

I do have a mop with reusable washable microfiber pads which is great for the floor – wet or dry.

I used good feather dusters for a while, but found they got ruined quickly (I had a cat…) and eventually left little tiny feathers around the house. They are the only dusting product that was fun to use!

Mitts sound like a good idea that I haven’t tried.

One of the great things about the Swiffer duster is it’s light and easy to collapse to use close up but also easy to extend. You do not have to switch between a pole and a dust cloth.


Thanks @VeeEnn. I am looking for a replacement for the Swiffer Duster, but I also inherited a Swiffer Wet Jet and a Swiffer Sweeper and I will use those products until the disposable pads are gone. Good to know that I can use my microfiber cloths on the Swiffer Sweeper head!

I also inherited some liquid Bona floor products which I have not tried on my hardwood floors yet.


Velcro is your friend. It comes with adhesive backing and also in industrial strength.


Great idea! That is perfectly LBYM. I already have a half roll of velcro tape and a lifetime supply of microfiber dust cloths. No purchase required. No sewing required. Thank you!