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My grandson went on a long bike ride–carrying DH’s tracking device, so I alwasy knew where he was :wink: Having covid isn’t slowing him down one bit! DD takes him to the beach in the late afternoon/evening every day. Before that yesterday they both did yard work(!). My landscapers are too short-staffed to get extras done. DD did a bunch of pruning and DGS stuffed the yard waste into landscape bags. And they planted some herbs and flowers. It’s kid of a shame they can’t afford a house in the NYC city area as DD has a seriously green thumb and enjoys it. OTOH they enjoy living in the city, too–and commutes much shorter.

DD is on a long work phone call, and DH fell asleep in the bathroom.

I’m feeling much better–not really well yet, but well enough to do housework.

DH was a trip yesterday…peed on the guest room floor, peed on the master BR floor, and was awake more than asleep last night.

DH had a slight dry cough this morning, maybe he’s catching my covid(?).

I got DGS a kiwi kit of “eggsperiments” for Easter. He’s currently soaking eggs in different strengths of citric acid. And getting different levels of shell dissolving. He’s enjoying checking on it every few hours.

Krystal will be able to work longer hours in summer as her son’s day camp has a longer day than his school.

I hope the hubster will be a bit less demented after my houseguests depart. They are very nice to him, but our normal, quiet routine is not the same.

DD wants to roll up all my pricy rugs to protect them from pee (or worse-). Thinking about it.

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DD wants to roll up all my pricy rugs to protect them from pee (or worse-). Thinking about it.

I strongly suggest not just thinkng about it, but DOING it. Be proactive wherever you can. Saves a lot of heartache.



I’m feeling much better–not really well yet, but well enough to do housework.

Glad to hear. Take care,I’ll miss your rationale on the ol’PA boards

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DD wants to roll up all my pricy rugs to protect them from pee (or worse-). Thinking about it.

YES! YES! Double YES!!!

DH tested negative for covid today. Still no symptoms, but I thought i should check. I decided I wouldn;t get him treatment for it, but I had to think for a while. He was terribly demented today, and weak. Eating smaller servings of everything, and drinking less, too. Didn’t even finish a smaller serving of homemade high-protein banana-chocolate milkshake. At the very least, dehydrated and not as well nourished since he also refuses any vitamins/minerals/fish oil/CoQ10. I’m lucky to get his medicine down. I needed a couple of tries for some pills today. After he dropped his bowl of strawberries at lunch, almost dropped his lunch plate, and can no longer hang onto a glass glass, I dug out the old plastic kiddie bowls, plates, and sippy cups. The speed of his decline has been incredible :frowning:

He ate dinner in my old wheelchair which I had DD bring up from the garage today as he was having so much trouble walking. Later he fell alongside it and got some gouges on his arm. His skin has become fragile (we’re the same age, and mine hasn’t–but I eat better/more and take supplements). Anyhow, he ate dinner in the wheelchair–and medicines tucked into applesauce–and then I was unable to persuade him to get into bed. He sat on the edge of the bed and eventually let himself down onto the floor to sleep. He stayed there for a couple of hours and only got up when he needed to pee. Which he did as soon as he was upright w/DD’s help, right where he stood next to the bed. I caught about half on a puppy pad and cleaned up the rest. He still won’t usually pee into Depends, although he did once today.

If this decline is the new normal, I’ll need more help. I’m not strong enough to put him in bed from the floor. In fact, without DD he might’ve spent tonight on the floor. And she;s only staying till DGS tests negative and can fly home.


Let him sleep on the floor if that’s what he wants. It won’t do any harm, unless he’s on an expensive Persian rug that he’ll wet.

I agree you need loads more help. But for now, pick your battles. If he wants to sleep on the floor, let him. Not worth fighting him, and possibly hurting yourself (since, as you say, you’re not strong enough to pick him up).

I also agree with the others who said you should roll up all your expensive rugs and put them away for now. He’s just going to ruin them. Get cleaned any of them that need it.



Other than being slow, DH had no trouble walking when he got up to pee in the night. But I have to let him start to pee on the floor before putting a puppy pad under the stream or else he won’t pee(!). This last time I got there ahead of the stream, and he refused to pee. So I took him to the commode, then the toilet, the previous spot he peed on the floor…fuggetaboutit. He ended up standing in a hunch over a puppy pad for 15 minutes, then sitting in the bathroom chair and falling asleep(!). Waiting for him to pee got me fully awake at 5am, so I got up, made myself coffee, poured us each a bowl of cheerios before realizing he was sleeping. I tried waking him and getting him out of the chair–yes wake, no up.

DD got herself and DGS tix to fly home on Wednesday evening, in hopes he’d test negative by Wednesday. If not, she’ll delay the return. I discouraged her from sending him home and staying because it isn’t possible for one adult to manage both kids’ lives…they attend different schools and different after-school and Saturday activities. DGS, at 11, is starting to get himself places. DD won’t let him take the subway alone yet, but he does walk long distances (20+ blocks) and take a bus to & from downtown for orchestra and to & from uptown (for parkour?) by himself.

One plus of having windwos ipen instead of using the HVAC system is hearing the birds louder. They start singing and twittering well before dawn. I qwish I had a better memory for bird calls and know what I was hearing, but even so, it’s very pleasant.

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Forgot to note that my back porch is awesome this time of year. Perfect temp and a large jasmine vine in full bloom (mmmmm). It’s sunny oiutside but the porch itself is shaded by a tall oak and a magnolia. View of more tall trees in the neighbors over the back fence.

DGS is doing his “eggsperiments” at the porch table. DH and I are sitting on the porch sofa–he’s snoozing after taking a shower.

I slept through 2 wake-ups last night, apparently. 2 pee puddles in the bathroom this morning. And his Depends were very wet for the first time. I guess taking my grandson to the beach was exhausting! I sat and watched him swim with his boogie board and play in the sand. He isn;t still for moment–even though he’s still tests positive for covid today (he was going to fly home alone tonight but now tentatively on Friday).

Even when DGS test negative, DD wants to stay until my aides come back. DH is a lot of work with no help.

Yesterday while DGS & I were at the beach (~2:30-5:30), DH sat down in the hallway and started to doze so DD moved him into the bed (on the mattress pad as the sheets were in the dryer). Except for waking to pee(!), he slept from 4pm to 7:30am. No, he never had dinner or evening pills.

He was fine this morning. Ate well so far today, peed and pooed in toilets. Slept in his recliner next to me. He seems less Parkinson-y and more alert. Although he sat on the floor briefly a couple of times, he hasn’t lay down on it and got himself back up. Unlike yesterday, he kept his pants on all day so far.

I’m feeling a little worse again today–apparently covid can go like this. Kind of tired, coughing a bit more again. I took the final dose of Paxlovid this morning.

I washed the whole bathroom floor this morning, did 2 loads of wash, fixed breakfast & lunch and will fix dinner, so I’m not too sick to function, but kind of tired.

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Tucson Bones–have you followed RELE and some of the PA crowd and Atheist Fools to Facebook? The group is called RELE Refugees. Love to have you join us.

You’ll recognize many there–lindytoes, Goofyhoofy, malaoshi, sandyleelee, wecoguy, MissEdithKeeler, BlueGrits, Tchr, g0#s, Tuni… many of us are new to Facebook and struggling with the interface/quirks/layout. Especially me :-/