Calling All Twits!!!

Hey! All you Twits!
Pretty Amazing Things going on with Twitter and Musk.
I’m amazed the TMF hasn’t had to expand their bandwidth to allow endless posts about this in-progress buyout.
It is like watching one player thinking the game is checkers and the other is playing chess.

You won’t believe what is trending on Twitter!!

Michael Sussmann said Thursday he will not testify in his trial in which Special Counsel John Durham alleges he made a false statement to the FBI when he claimed he was not bringing Trump-Russia allegations to the bureau on behalf of any client, while he represented the Clinton campaign.…

Michael Sussmann said Thursday he will not testify in his trial

What that means is that Sussmann (in other words) ‘Took the 5th’ and ‘dare not implicate himself’ in any and all crimes that may have occurred.

Twitter is all Abuzz!
Elon Musk continues to use the site as a platform to embarrass the powers that B with Big Questions.
Following the link are a couple snippets:…

Elon Is Asking Some Big Questions About the Media, Jeffrey Epstein, and Ghislaine Maxwell…

…Musk is not shy about taking on what seem like taboo subjects to the liberal media. On Saturday, he brought up a good question that many of us have likely had — why haven’t we seen the client list from Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell?..

“Only thing more remarkable than DOJ not leaking the list is that no one in the media cares. Doesn’t that seem odd?” Musk asked.

…During Maxwell’s trial, you would have thought that some of the high-profile names would leak out, but they didn’t.

Given all the leaks that we’ve seen–even a leak that should never have happened from the Supreme Court–you would have thought that we would have seen at least part of the list. Yet, we haven’t.

But Musk raises an even bigger question — you would think this would be a big thing for the media to cover, and that they’d be going all-in trying to get a copy of the list. Yet again, they don’t seem at all interested. Are they afraid of antagonizing the people on the list? Or are their bosses on the list? It isn’t only about holding Maxwell accountable; if these people were involved in assaulting underage girls, then they need to be exposed as well…

More at the link and some pictures.
Have a Nice Day

Musk has been mute these past couple o’weeks on the twitter deal. Twitter HQ is quiet, too.
I certainly have no insights, either.

Elon breaks the silence on Twitter. Following the link are a couple snippets:…

…World-famous industrialist billionaire and possible future owner of Twitter Elon Musk slammed the platform’s current leadership with a humorous tweet on July 4 then agreed with another user bemoaning Jordan Peterson’s suspension by saying the company’s “going way too far in squashing dissenting opinions.”

Musk appeared to get into the spirit of Independence Day by sharing a fake Tweet depicting “Twitter in 1775” where iconic American historical figure Paul Revere was fact-checked by Twitter for saying, “The British are coming, the British are coming!” The fake tweet depicted a misinformation label reading, “Learn how British taxes are beneficial for society.”

Much more at the link.

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Musk terminates acquisition of Twitter. Citing mis-representation by company and the company refusing to disclose information.
What about the Billion $ in escrow? Lawyers for both sides celebrate full employment for the upcoming summer months.
Plenty of opinions on the web. Do your own research if you really care.

Common odds are running 80-20 against Elon on the tv news programs.
I wonder what the official odds are in Vegas where you can bet on anything under the sun.
Inquiring minds want to know.


Stories are out about Twitter harassing anyone closely connected with Elon Mush with demands to appear in court by subpoena.
Fishing by court order.
Musk should sue.
Check your online sources for articles. (i’m not here to do your homework)

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Pop Quiz…

Who wrote: “Have you seen my good crayons?”, “Are you going to finish that ice-cream?” and “End of Quote, Repeat.”?

You just did.

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Twitter Paid Whistleblower $7 Million Settlement in June to Keep Him Quiet…

Twitter reportedly agreed in June to pay roughly $7 million to the whistleblower whose recent explosive allegations will be part of Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s case against the social media company in the upcoming trial over Musk’s withdrawn deal to buy the leftist social media company…

Shareholders APPROVE $44B Musk takeover of company.

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