Canada Blow Away Feb Jobs #

Well now, this was a surprise! Canadian economy was rockin’ already with the commodities jumping.…


You’re hired! Canada added 336,600 jobs in Feb., crushing estimates

Noah Zivitz, BNN Bloomberg

OT - Chuckle story about inflation.

Wife was doing a conference call with her brother and his partner in Ecuador while her other brother and partner on the Dartmouth side of the bridge joined in. I could hear them easily from my Den and was somewhat amused by the inflation discussion that is all the news. Since I help with their investments occasionally I know their financial situation fairly well. None of these people will suffer over higher wheat prices or even the one dollar increase in a 1.36 kj container of Folgers coffee at Costco. All are retired on pretty good pensions (1 postie, 1 librarian, Halifax Parks head gardener and a teacher.)

The Ecuador wintering couple don’t even have a car there, they can walk to the beach in a few minutes but the price of gas was a topic. They get weekly beer delivery at the door and the guy takes away the empty bottles from the closet. They are down to their last month and don’t want a whole lot of un-drank beer piled up in their doorway when they leave.

The Dartmouth BIL was complaining that the price of chicken legs at their grocery store was up … pennies per kilo along with a comment that they would have to switch to cheaper pork.

I closed my Den door at that point. }};-@