Canada 'in control' of 5G airport issues

Well there you go, nothing to it if you get a head start and use different spectrum for 5G deployments? Of course that would take some of the hyperbole and nastiness out of discussion on the subject wouldn’t it?


National Post

Canada ‘in control’ of 5G airport issues that led to cancelled flights in U.S.

Anja Karadeglija 1 day ago

The potential airport interference from 5G rollouts in the United States that led some flights to be cancelled isn’t an issue in Canada, experts say.

Canada isn’t facing the same problem because wireless providers in the U.S. and Canada use different spectrum for their 5G deployments, and the Canadian government has already put measures in place to address the issue of interference.

John Gradek, a lecturer at McGill University who specializes in commercial aviation management issues, said Canada has “a pretty good handle in terms of what the risk is associated with full 5G deployment.”

In the U.S., there’s a “little bit of a tug of war about who calls the shots” …

Gradek said U.S. wireless providers use so-called C-band spectrum – the airwaves on which wireless signals travel – which is in the 3700 MHz range and above.

In Canada, telecoms are currently using 3500 MHz spectrum for their 5G rollouts.


… nothing to it if you get a head start and use different spectrum for 5G deployments?

That’s what happens when you have a Communistical big gummit that brings the hammer proactively to prevent problems developing.

Here in Shinyland, we are all about “free enterprise”, meaning the regulators that are supposed to prevent or mitigate problems do the bidding of whoever pays the most “protected free speech”.

Steve…tune in tomorrow for the next chapter of “as the bandwidth turns”