Canada's gift to us

Just back from trip to Canada and lovely train ride from Toronto to Vancouver…but 4 days later DH has Covid…fatigue, horrible cold, fever and positive Covid test result, so we are confined to the aforementioned apartment for minimum 10 days and our meals will all be delivered…

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…but 4 days later DH has Covid…fatigue, horrible cold, fever and positive Covid test result…

So sorry to hear it. We are simply not traveling other than by car for this very reason.

A confirming factor was talking with Sis today. She got on a plane to go home from her daughter’s, knowing she had Covid. Couldn’t “tough” it out at her daughter’s house, having to get home to get her car out of the parking garage. Even passed out at the security check point, but the airline didn’t even question her as to whether she has recently had covid symptoms. Seriously? Heck, I went to the dentist this week and I got screened.

No public travel for us. Period. We will see where things stand in a year, but for now we cannot risk coming home with asymptomatic Covid and giving it to an at risk family member. So what if that means our dog. He won’t survive a second bout and we are just getting through long Covid with him.


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Hoping for a swift and complete recovery.

“days later DH has Covid…fatigue, horrible cold, fever and positive Covid test result”

Our son, daughter-in-law and both grandsons were diagnosed with covid after dil returned from a
trip to the Netherlands for work. They were hit hard except the for the youngest boy.
Older grandson was premature and has lung issues and he had to visit the hospital. We got a
call from my son over the weekend and he looked tired. The oldest grandson woke up during
the call and he also looked like death warmed over. They seem to be coming around.

Hope your husband comes around and that the thing bypasses you.


… so we are confined to the aforementioned apartment for minimum 10 days

I thought that latest from the CDC was a 5 day confinement and not ten days as in the past.


So sorry to learn of this, Maryanne! As you probably know, there are meds available that can ease symptoms if taken within first 5 days. Based on our experience, you’ll probably end up getting sick, too. Ick. I sincerely hope all ends well for you, as it did for us.

DW and I contracted Covid on a recent return flight from Paris, even though double-boosted and masked the entire time except for maybe 15 minutes while eating on the plane. (We’d tested negative less than 24 hours prior to departure, as then required.) The vast majority of other pax were unmasked for the entire 8 hour flight. After about 3 days post-flight, we had symptoms much like your husband’s, even though we still tested negative until 6 days into the illness (and too late for meds). Not fun at all.

We’re fine now–although it will take a while to recover fitness lost while staying mostly in bed for more than a week. On the plus side (I suppose), I lost 8 pounds since I had zero interest in food other than maybe a small bowl of cereal in the mornings and tea.

We’ll be flying to Hawaii in about a month. We’ll keep our well-fitted N95 masks on for the entire flight, other than for a few seconds to take a slug of water or a bite of Larabar. Also, keep air vents open full blast.

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My wife and I tested positive for Covid on 5/31 and were quarentined for 10 days. We had similar symptoms and we had all the Pfizer shots including 2 boosters. We wear our masks everywhere we go and we still got it. This strain is very contagious. Wear your masks!


I thought that latest from the CDC was a 5 day confinement and not ten days as in the past.

From what I’ve been reading, either number is somewhat arbitrary. It depends on a number of variables, including whether or not you were vaxxed, yourself test + (vs. only been exposed to someone who tested +), have symptoms, will be around immunocompromised folks (e.g., in an old folks home), etc.

In particular, I’d want to (and did) test negative at least 2 days in a row after symptoms subsided before mixing with others, regardless of # days isolated.…


DH has been in Intensive Care Unit for 3 days, in the nearest hospital, and on huge oxygen supply, as his oxygen levels were dangerously low and both Fire Engine and Ambulance crews had to work on him after our Safety Department called them in the emergency.They took him to the hospital. We were three hours in the Emergency Department special room, then into the ICU. Heavy pneumonia is part of his Covid. He had had nothing to eat for several days but today has started on on liquids and is going to move, with his oxygen equipment and special screens constantly recording stuff, to a “normal” hospital room!! Woohoo!

He couldn’t talk well as he was short of breath, hoarse, coughing and full of tubes, but tonight he seemed more cheerful.

Thanks for your good wishes. I am negative ( for Covid, not for outlook!) and am quarantined.


malaoshi: DH has been in Intensive Care Unit for 3 days

Oy, veh! Sending lots of my most powerful good wishes his (and your) way. (I may have used up all my karma in dealing with my own cancer. [apparently full recovery.]) You both seemed so healthy! He must have one of the more virulent strains. Makes me wonder … how well equipped is our retirement home for anything more serious than a cold. There is a separate facility called “The Orchards”. The Orchards handles anything from assisted living to “memory care” (euphemism for senility or Alzheimer’s) to nursing care, but they are not a hospital. Nearest hospital is maybe 5 miles away.

Some of our residents will go to some lengths to avoid going to the Orchards. I know at least one woman who keeps her husband in her apartment and brings his food to him every meal - Alz. She may also have professional care givers come in every day - not too sure about that. One family moved our of their house to the Orchards recently. (There are a number of houses [mostly duplexes] and a “condominium-like” part with somewhat larger apartments and facilities. All for a premium, of course.) Interesting to me, the (very expensive) houses and even the condo units were sold out immediately, but the apartments remain only a bit over half filled.



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Thank you for sharing this with us. So many people thing the pandemic is over. As you know too well, it isn’t.

We have “Creekview” where you have “Orchards”.
But we also have a nursing-type service downstairs for wound dressing, fevers, testing for Covid, and all sorts of good things that they do everyday… monitoring pills for some residents, and with daily meal deliveries to people bed-bound, or in quarantine like me in the community etc.I’m sure you have the same services.

We had tested there, as we are told to do, after our trip to Canada, and they jumped on David when we had to test again a second time 4 days later ( their normal rules)

They were very quick and sharp with David. They called our Safety people and two of Safety got oxygen started on him when they saw he was at 60% or something,(he hadn’t felt a thing) then they called Fire Engine and Ambulance, one for EMTs and the other for the ride to the hospital.
If your facility is anything like ours, you will be lucky.

Of course no-one “wants” to go next door to Creekview. It probably has the same image as your Orchards… but people who’ve been there post operative, or in Assisted Living, tell us the care is great and food there is even better than ours, and of course they provide lots of different entertainment, as well as Medical Care. (Our choir used to go to give short "popular tune"concerts for the residents at Creekview, and I often give books for their library…)
We are on a plan where if one of us needs Creekview and real “nursing home” care, we will be charged NOTHING extra, except for the meal plan, and we can eat with a friend or spouse any time in their dining area…Other people, and that may also be the lady you mentioned, have to pay the normal horrendous nursing home rates if they don’t have our plan, and that is why she may prefer home care…

To counteract that “fear” Creekview also gives special tours with little cheese and wine refreshments, about 3 times a year, for residents here to get acquainted with Creekview and its facilities, as so many of us may need it later…

David is in a “normal” room at the hospital today, and has improved his oxygen intake, has had 3 sessions of resdemivir or whatever that drug is called, and can talk more clearly now…things are going very well!He has half the tubes he had before. 4 days in the hospital so far.


I am so happy to hear that David is improving well! Fingers crossed that he continues and is home with you before we know it!


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Thanks so much! May you stay happy and healthy …and far from Covid!

David is in a “normal” room at the hospital today, and has improved his oxygen intake

Big sigh of relief. Did you hear it all the way up there?

We also have a nursing station like yours. I think ours was cut out of the same cloth as yours.

When we moved in, I had just been diagnosed with cancer, so I wasn’t even eligible for the Orchards! I would have to pay the going (exorbitant) rate if I have to move there. If I can remain cancer free for one year I can go back to the standard fare which includes the Orchards. (I got a discount of $400 a month because of not being eligible for the Orchards. I think of it as extended care insurance.)

The Orchards has weekly tours for the “normal” residents so we can see what it’s like. They get three meals a day - as required by the State of California.

… Note to self: Get a note from my oncologist for the OFH to start the clock ticking on my one year.

Maryanne, pls post an update when you have time. Thnx