covid up north

Tested positive for covid late yesterday! Have no idea where I was exposed. First incredibly ild symptoms appeared Thurs, by Friday evening—as my nose was dripping like a broken faucet and my fatigue surged—I began to wonder about covid. Home test—negative. Sat. the same, but fatigue continued to increase. Afternoon home test was highly suggestive of positive, so I found a close-by place with rapid PCR. Got results last night. And today, symptoms escalated intensely—though the edge is off now. The timing totally sucks. My son just arrived for 2 weeks and I can’t go anywhere near him. Planned to attend a family wedding out of down because our son being here meant DH had company and assistance/help if needed, and now my 10-day period until I can resume normal activities and exposures takes me right through the weekend. 5 days from the start of symptoms (which is day 0), I can begin going out for essential things only, and carefully masked the entire time. My doctor was very clear—no restaurant/unmasked visits. Majorly disappointed. And praying DH has resisted infection! His home test last night was negative, and he has to do another one in the morning before leaving for work.

And of course unpacking our downstairs from our post-Ida work will have to wait. Everything came back from storage Thursday late afternoon—all of our salvageable furniture, and stacks and stacks and stacks of boxes.

The best laid plans…

My doc prescribed paxlovir, which was just delivered. It was supposed to be here betwee 2 and 5, but the pharmacy is overwhelmed. Would you believe there is just one single pharmacy in all of NYC that is able t dispense paxlovir?? Hopeing it makes a big difference by morning.

Alstro—so glad you’re feeling better now. And hoping hubster has only mild symptoms!



Sorry to hear that you are sick, sheila. Hope you’re back up to speed soon!

Sorry to hear that you are sick, sheila.

Me too! :wink:

Hope you’re back up to speed soon!

Me too. Took my first paxlovid dose. Hoping no intrusive side effects, and that the benefits come quickly.


I’m so sorry Sheila. And your son visiting, too :frowning:

Your husband is amazing, back at work after all he’s been through, and at his age. I’m so impressed. Plus is that it keeps him away from your covid some of the time.

I wouldn’t know anything was up w/the hubster if he didn’t cough about 3x a day. Like me, his nose isn’t running much. I’m still coughing up a little green goo which I suspect might be an opportunistic infection. Not that I’ve been around anyone except DH, DD, and the grandkids. Of course, kids are petri dishes, as DD says. NYC public schools have no masking these days.

Here’s hoping your illness is very ild of short duration.

that should be “is very mild and of short duration.” And not caught by DH or DS!

I’ll test DH on wednesday. If positive, will cancel cleaning ladies on Thursday. Already canceled his dental appt this week.

I have noticed my heart rate is higher since covid, and still is. DH won;t cooperate for the pulsoximeter or BP cuff, so who knows.

I have noticed my heart rate is higher since covid, and still is.

One of my coworkers who survived COVID says he is hypertensive now. Wasn’t before, but is now. I think he’s on meds for it because it is that severe.

I hadn’t heard of vaxxed folks getting “long COVID”, but maybe they do.

I’ll test DH on wednesday. If positive, will cancel cleaning ladies on Thursday.

Unless you can keep him out of the house, or have him remain masked the entire time they’re in the house, they should be cancelled. I talked with my doc Sunday morning. Here are her instructions, which reflect the current guidance. The first day of symptoms is Day 0 (which for me was this past Thursday, even though they were so mild I had no clue it was covid). Minimum 5 days of isolation. If no symptoms by day 6, then days 6-10 you’re allowed to go out only for essential needs and must remain fully masked indoors and out.

I hope this is helpful!


It was 115/53 just now–what it used to be 5+ years ago, but I’m usually more like 125/70 now (age 72).

Pulse has been 77-82 since wearing the Apple watch, which is ~10 pts higher than my usual. I can’t remember what my stats were with more active covid. DD & the grands were here and I was busy and distracted.

=alstro, cleaned up 2 pee puddles today. At least one was half on a puppy pad and the other was half on his shorts…running a hubster wash load right now

The watch provides heart rate details–current HR, average HR, ave HR during cycling (103), ave HR during yoga (not much lower but I do it right after cycling and I’m usually moving like with cat-cows and bird dogs), ave HR during strength training, ave cool-down HR.

So far my average resting HR is 65, which is consistent with the last few years for me.