Can't login to site on one computer but can on another

On a particular website, my login works on one Windows computer but on another it does not. Any idea why that might be?

Do you have your cap lock on one of them?

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Providing a wee bit more description of what happens might give us a clue.

No caps lock. 123456789

Not sure what else to say. Username and password work for the site on one computer and not on my other computer.

Are you using a VPN on one of them? Is your keyboard bad on the one that doesn’t work? Maybe a stuck key? Can you switch keyboards?


Can you try a different browser?

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Here’s some things to try…doc


The website in question will not let me login to one account but allows me to login to another account! It’s a bank website.
The one trick that worked from the WikiHow page you mentioned was logging in using incognito.
So I got in that way. But I don’t want to always have to do that. I’d like to figure out what the heck is going on.
I tried rebooting the computer. No help there.
Should I clear something? Like cookies? Cache? Anything like that?

Yes, clearing cookies is another suggestion I ran across. Also trying a different browser…doc

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I’ve cleared cookies and cache. Still doesn’t work. It’s so weird because I can login with one account but not another. The one I can’t login to the way I have for decades will work with Chrome Incognito. And also with MS Edge browser. But not regular Chrome. Very frustrating and confusing. Not sure what else to try.

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I tried clearing the cookies and cache again. It worked this time! I tried logging in, no good. Then cleared them a second time, logged in fine now! Oh well, computers are like mysticism!


And women. :slight_smile: