New CAPS Pick display and missing Picks

The New CAPS Pick display is a mess.
*But, getting better. I do not know if it is coincidence or if someone from TMF is reading this forum, but some of the items have been addressed.

One can only hope they are reading these messages, and if so, I suggest other Players note the issues with the New CAPS here so that they can be resolved. It is sad that the modern development method is to use your users as beta testers. It would have been nice if they had solicited ideas before hand, also. I am certain that many members of the community would have suggestions and could have helped develop a better New CAPS.

The items in my list below that have been fixed, or have seen improvement, are italicized.*

  1. The Pick display pages are slow to load, if they do.
    2. There is no way to change the sort of the display.
    3. There are no counts of Picks as Active, Closed, Pending.
  2. There is no way to jump to a specific page or last page.
  3. There is no way to change the number of Picks displayed per page.
    6. The End Date column is truncated and there is no way to expand the table display. – a scroll bar has been added when the better solution would have been to expand the table width.
  4. The Ticker Symbols should be links to Stock information pages.
  5. *Four of my Picks from Old CAPS do not show up in New CAPS. – one was in a watchlist, which doesn’t exist in new CAPS…yet.

TMF is killing CAPS by way of slow neglect


You seem to be saying this is fixed? But tickers just link to a page of advertising with relation to the stock information of that ticker.

That particular list item has not been changed since my initial message. The list items I turned into italic font have been fixed, or changed.

The Ticker symbols in my list of Picks have not been made into links. If they are, the link should lead to an information page regarding that Ticker and should NOT be advertising.

In the PICK dialog the % change is wrong by a factor of 100 regardless of the move being up or down.

END PICK is displayed and clickable even if the ten day wait period has not been satisfied.

My score was reduced by a factor of 10.

No score leaders list, no favorites list and on and on and on.

This is beyond the current abusive trend to make users be beta testers, this is little more than live schematics and open development from scratch. Really stupid.


Ah, OK. Got it. Thanks.