System switch picks

There is a glitch in the software. If you make a pick from the stock page you can add to CAPS via either a green or red button. If you green thumb it works as it should you are taken to a second page, outperform, to add the pick and it treats correctly. BUT IF YOU RED THUMB, it changes your pick to “outperform” on the following screen. If you don’t correct it on the second page you end up with the opposite pick. Really aggravating and easy to miss.

I have been shorting WRBY and was the score leader, I pushed red thumb to re-enter my short, and it switched my selection and I did not correct. Once again I am stuck with 7 days of an incorrect pick. I don’t know if you can correct that pick, but someone should fix this glitch. 7 days is a lot of time to ruminate about a software failure.

This red thumb problem has existed for several years now. Motley Fool just does not care, CAPS is not a profit center. Still marginally useful to track tickers, but many features are broken or have been deleted, it’s not the fun competition it was in its heyday. It would probably be a good business decision to kill it off entirely since free-rider folk like me look at the decline and fall of CAPS over the years as a clear warning against ever actually paying for Motley Fool professional services.


I apologize for this problem. I will adjust your Pick(s) in CAPS, if you can let me know which Ticker(s) were Picked and on what date.

I am working to get the front end corrected so that an UnderPerform Pick is not changed during the Pick process.

And, I am curious about your PlayerName. Does the inital “X” stand for eXternal? Or, eX?