Car expert Scotty Kilmer fighting "the Skim"

Interesting that all these electric bikes coming from China and offered at prices up to $3,000 only cost $500 to make.


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I can’t stand Scotty, so only skimmed through the first bit of the video. Is it really 13 minutes to say “get a solar charger to keep the battery topped up in your little-used car”?


PS - If so, I tried one and it didn’t do the job for me.

Nope. He ranted about 3 products in this 13 minute video, the solar charger (they are generally useless), a cheap electric bike (if that thing was really only 700 bucks, that is very impressive), and a portable light.


Not quite as bad as I expected, but still adequate demonstration of why I don’t watch him.

Some people are very good at using the video format to transfer ideas and information. Scotty isn’t one of those.

I’m sure there are some TicTok’ers who could get all three done in a minute. With 30 seconds to spare.