Three Wheels Will Travel...

In the United States, luxury-car buyers are snapping up Teslas and other electric cars that cost more than $60,000, and even relatively cheap models cost more than $25,000.

Here in India, those are all out of reach of the vast majority of families, whose median income is just $2,400. But an electric vehicle movement is taking place nonetheless, not on four wheels, but on two and three.…

Who realizes rickshaws are smaller than full size autos, but he’s long thought that some kind of quick battery-swap model would be much more consumer friendly than having to wait for recharging, if only they could figure out a mechanism that didn’t require heavy lifting…

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With the typical slow traffic I’ve seen in countries with rickshaws I don’t see why you couldn’t get a full recharge every night that covers an entire day of driving for all but a few percent of vehicles.
Why build out a complex battery swap system when you can just plug in at home (or business parking lot) at night with 120v? And maybe a some top up recharge during lunch?