Sold Remaining TB's - Except 1 in MNDY

Sold all remaining TBs with the exception of the one I am holding in MNDY. Everyone of them was profitable.

Had a knee jerk reaction immediately after the SNOW report and bought a Bench Level position during AH - then got buyers remorse and sold it all just now for a 1 hr or so 8.6% gain. Might regret selling it but when it went down AH I I pulled a Custer and rushed in - then decided it was really stupid and sold it. Oh well!

Also - got right up against the buy button on MELI as it sank today - but at the last moment decided buying for the 4th or 5th time might be tempting fate - chickened out.

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Your timing is impeccable, Champ. And it would appear I have a portfolio full of TB candidates today.

I may take a crack at your technique(s). I’ve done ok in the past writing covered calls against shares of great companies (gotta have the right company and in an uptrend).

Congrats on the winning trades!

I’ve taken a few TBs in SNOW, MDB and NET today. Acquired some BILL at a decent price and still have some cash to burn. I find averaging in is more my game but I’m taking a shining to the inherently more exciting TB potential. Granted my timing is not as good as you Champico. My biggest problem is that I can’t wait until market close. I’m usually fast asleep by the time markets settle down at the end of day. Buying only in the first half of the day makes this a little more interesting!
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Thanks JP:

Gently, gently - dip a toe in and just wait. Do a small TB with your favorite high confidence player and then just wait. Its just like fishing with one of those old cane polls with the cork and sinker.

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Hi NoseR:

I haven’t waded in yet today - just watching a bit. In the back of my mind I keep thinking we are going to go back and test the recent low in the 12.5 area. Could happen.

With SNOW and NET those are about as solid as it gets. I am on BILL also in a bit. Not to sure about MDB - love it and its a great company but just haven’t tracked it enough to feel confident I know what I am doing there.

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Not to sure about MDB - love it and its a great company but just haven’t tracked it enough to feel confident I know what I am doing there.

I’ve owned MDB since early 2018 and I can’t ever figure it out, completely beyond me. It has potential for massively successful TBs if you can figure it out. Both of the last ERs have resulted in $100 increases in 1-2 days, and then $50-100 drops in the next 1-3 weeks. At its recent peak it was my second highest allocation, now barely 5th. It’s a wild ride.

Hi GhonKaba:

Those are almost my exact same thoughts since NoseR mentioned it. I was in MDB fairly early but like a dumb*** sold out like a stupid lemming when the smart kids over on Saul’s did. I forget what stampeded the herd - was a while back. One of the more lamentable and memorable mistakes I have made. Wrote it off as it soared but haven’t looked much at it since the growth carnage started.

Might put some time on it this evening - thanks for bringing it up.

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I guess the ‘lets keep the posts down to 10 a day’ rule has been thrown out, due to exec order? :wink:

As I dropped off my monthly supply of Dinty Moore-ish supplies to the Church, in war on, poverty and hunger, I wished I knew of a way to airlift a large stash to Kyiv.

-Stay Free-


Stupid rule: shoulda known better. Couple of the dregs already visited - took their shots and are hopefully gone for good.

Nice work on the canned food!

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A quick check of the calendar and I am reminded that Upstart is almost out of “do not talk” penalty box in Saul’s place. If I was evil, or mean-spiritied, I would start a lengthy, mostly off-topic, post about the pros and cons of AI-powereed loan-decisioning that can be done from the dashboard of a Tesla…