Celsius and the latest Nielsen Data

Looks like Celsius is still going strong as of the latest tracked channel data ending Dec 30th, and according to Jonah Lupton, they are now available in Canada, specifically - 7-Eleven. They also launched a new flavor, Lemonade Blue Razz.

Edit: Just so everyone is clear, the Nielsen data is only tracked channels so it doesn’t include online sales, Amazon, Costco, food service, international, etc but it’s still a decent data point to assess consumer demand. Since we’ve lapped the 1 year roll-out with PepsiCo, i’m optimistic Celsius can crush analysts’ 2024 estimates.

“Energy drink sales rose 8.4% year-over-year over the 4-week tracking period and were up 8.3% for the 12-week tracking period, Monster Beverage (MNST), Red Bull, and Zoa Energy continued to bleed market share to Celsius Holdings (NASDAQ:CELH), which saw energy drink sales jump 105% over the 4-week period and 118% over the 12-week period. Celsius Holdings (CELH) claimed 9.4% dollar market share to more than double the 4.6% market share for PepsiCo (PEP) in the energy drink category.

Full Article:

What are you drinking? Winners and losers in Nielsen’s breakdown of beverages | Seeking Alpha

According to a The Future Investors tweet from today: Here are the 30 profitable and FCF+ stocks with the highest estimated EPS growth for the next 3Y. I only listed the top 10.
Criteria: - Revenue growth next 3Y >10% - Profitable and FCF+ - Mcap >5B - Altman Z >3

  1. $CELH - Celsius - 256.7% 2. $PEN - Penumbra - 188.8% 3. $EVO - Evolution AB - 161.2% 4. $NVDA - Nvidia - 93.0% 5. $PLTR - Palantir - 81.0% 6. $CCO - Cameco - 72.6% 7. $NE - Noble Corp. - 71.3% 8. $MELI - MercadoLibre - 67.7% 9. $DLO - DLocal - 40.2% 10. $PODD - Insulet - 38.6%


Could CELH be the next Hanson (that became Monster Beverage)? This analysts thinks so.

Gutierrez also sees parallels between Celsius stock and Monster stock in its aggressive distribution strategies. “When (Celsius) got that distribution part in play and you started seeing it everywhere, boom, you’re seeing it at the gym, the grocery store, its own little section and everything.” He sees proof of the strategy’s success from anecdotal shortages of Celsius’ beverage at vending machines. (this seems to back up the Neilson data posted above).

CELH shows some good fundamental (IBD) rankings and you can see the table of strong quarterly sales and recent positive and growing EPS.