Celsius ( CELH) Niacin levels

Hello Fools, this question is probably best suited for Brian Orelly.
I drank 2 cups of coffee this morning. After that had a Celsius. I did work around the house after a long vacation. Then had a second Celsius, and figured I could handle the 600 mg of caffeine, from the coffee and Celsius.
I am tracking my food intake and abnormal levels of Niacin popped up. I investigated further and found each can has 127 mg of niacin. I also took a vitamin with 20mg of niacin, not knowing.
The average male should have 16 mg per day. Any thoughts on the downside for CELH on that news?
Thank you in advance, Mike

Hi Mike

I recommend asking on the Celsius board on the premium side. You’re on the free side here.

Here’s the link

Here’s a Celsius nutrition label:

From: Fruit Burst - CELSIUS

It says 20 mg niacin.

@camaro did you get a niacin flush?


I meant to write 127% per can, and I had 2 cans plus the multi vitamin

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Did you niacin flush?

Do some Google.
What info are you getting on the pay side?
Let us know what you conclude?

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