No posts since 10? just checking


People lost too much money today, maybe that is why nobody posts
I was hit hard today, but still believe in the companies
Hanging in there, Erik

NASDAQ is down 2.8% today. DJIA is down 2% today. Some of the higher beta stocks are down some more …


Everything down. Some more than others. I took the opportunity to pick up some more SEDG yesterday and INFN today. Trimmed some of the ones that weren’t down as much.

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Words on the street is that this may be the start of long-waited correction. Let’s see what happens to those trying to time the market.

I purchased more SWKS. But have no more cash. :frowning:


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Life is wonderful. It is a nice, sunny day in California…

How are you doing today?


Life is wonderful

Yes it is and to celebrate I just opened a bottle of chardonnay. Or is it Pinot Gricio??

Either way it tastes great and is less filling.


It is but that was an annoying day on the market! Folks in London who are looking at a the technical analysis are seeing a 15% fall.