Closing Boards

This is one of the TMF discussion boards I find most interesting.

Any ideas on where we could go to continue discussions?

I think Groups are relatively easy to set up on Facebook. Any other suggestions?

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I posted this on others of my favorite boards, all too true, sadly…

Sadly if the above is true, we’ll lose many helpful, and the ability to help many others. So much for the ‘Community’ listed up top…

At one time Yahoo, aka, the Yahoo Zoo was useful, until the trolls ruined it, then some of us went to Raging Bull, now gone, Might be a way to set up a Facebook Group, safely, but many, many will never set foot in there…

Pretty crazy… I’ll still peek at the various stock boards, but I see a lot more lost than gained by the above…

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Hi Y’all

This board is NOT closing, nor is any board in the Your Money column on the main board page ( ), including ones about Help with this Stupid Computer, Home/Car Ownership, Personal Finance and giving the Fool feedback. The boards in Your Life column are closing though for a myriad of reasons.

Please keep the conversation going here.