CNET: How To Get Free Wi-Fi Anywhere

CNET headline: You Can Get Free Wi-Fi Anywhere in the World. Here’s How

Subheadline: No internet at home? No problem. Here’s how to get online in any place.

Ashlee Tilford
June 26, 2022 10:01 a.m. PT…

While this probably won’t be possible at home (unless you happen to live really close to someone who has an unsecured network), there are usually lots of options for finding free Wi-Fi or public hotspots in businesses like coffee shops, libraries, hotels, restaurants, fitness centers and more.

If you’re about to head out for the day in search of free internet, here are some helpful apps to try:

:pushpin: Instabridge – Android or iOS

:pushpin: WiFi Map – Android or iOS

Apps like these will display a map of your area with a list of free public Wi-Fi or hotspots available. Most will also let you track login requirements and hotspot reviews, too.

Some locations, like libraries, are generally a given for free public Wi-Fi, but if you’re not using a Wi-Fi finder app, it’s a good idea to call first to make sure.