Do you have a long memory?

Do you have any memory at all? There are some folks where obviously the answer is a big nada.

Supply side econ said that if we cut taxes we would get economic growth and the deficits would shrink.

Please anyone tell me how that never happened? The growth never happened, why not? The deficits rose, why?

Please do not tell me the other guy who never claimed he wanted supply side econ was to blame as well. No one else is to blame when you blank the blank up.

If you still support supply side econ would you entertain that anyone can very easily lie to you? Or at least for most of 40 years you were a complete sucker for lies?

Why am I so strong in my statements? There are a lot of reasons. The people ripped off. The people with little or no healthcare. The businesses destroyed. The public debt. The corruption in our government.

The biggest reason for me being “hard” is I have met up with decades of people buying lies who were hard on those who never bought the lies. If you bought into the lies and do not like anyone being hard on you there is a solution and the vast majority of Americans are approving of the solution, stop spreading the lies and understand what economic reality is.