Where is supply side economics?

Supply side economics has hurt our nation deeply. We have $32 tr in debt with lies about welfare and no honesty in tax cuts. The transfer of $32 tr has been to the wealthy with ejits thinking they got a tax cut that in reality never was.

We have lost much of our industrial base to ejits who wont spend on anything and argue endlessly to get stingier with the American public and unsaid just as stingy with the industrialists.

No one ever says today I should make decisions in DC based on supply side economics. No one!

But here we are with 40 years of bad policy decisions that have hurt most Americans deeply and we are hearing the same crapola. The crap that leads to blaming welfare and looking for another tax cut.

The crapola that government is evil led by people who have hurt are national economy for 40 years.

In the next few weeks there will be a major defeat. This will happen in one of two ways. Either the supply side econ hawks are completely defeated. Or we default on the debt.

The problem is the ignorance level in the negotiations. This should never have been a negotiation. The ignorance level is so high that there is no placating. There is no budget cut that will ever be enough. There is only sheer ignorance about economics.

Most of you are invested heavily. Time to take the bull by the horns see all the failure for what it is. Regardless of a lack of education in econ. Regardless of being fed crapola for 40 years that you might have bought into. All of us will possibly get hurt very badly in the wallet in the next few weeks.

Yes this could be seen as blame.

I see it as reality. Others have another set of ideas. I have found no actual economics in their thoughts on the topic.