Common Timing Indicators ... indicating

Updating the most common S&P 500 timing indicators this eve’.
Get your check books ready.

  1. 10 Month SMA: The S&P 500 is above its 10 month SMA and would have to fall by more than 110 points by next Tuesday in order to not trigger an end-of-month buy signal. That’s three really red trading days in a row. Think we’ll see it?
  2. The 40 week SMA: The S&P500 closed >3% above the 40 week SMA today. It needs to fall only about 5 points by close tomorrow in order to avoid triggering an end-of-week buy signal.
  3. The 200 Day SMA: The S&P500 needs to close another ~17 points higher to go 3% above the 200 day SMA. It can easily do this tomorrow.
  4. The 99 Day New High: The highest close of the last 99 trading days was 4110.41, on Mon, 12 Sep 22. Today’s close is only about 50 points below that. Close enough to establish a new high in the next week or two barring a big rollover. (the one I’ve been waiting for!)

Now, I’m probably the least sophisticated chart watcher / number pounder here. How do the wiser among you see things?