Got an email from mom’s facility. A fully vaxxed staff member tested positive.

Got a phone call from our aide. Her fully vaxxed daughter and SIL tested positive (she hasn’t seen them since Christimas so unlike to have been exposed that way).

BUT. Her majority-time client (21 hrs/week), fully vaxxed, tested positive today. She tested negative, but she’s deifnietly been exposed. Feels fine so far.

So she won’t be seeing the hubster this week. But now I’m concerned about my brother. She’s planning not to stay at the apartment during the week, as she usually does on weekdays when she isn’t working or running errands.

I offered to do things for my brother this week in her stead (fix meals, shop, test his blood sugar, fill his pill minder, run his laundry…).


Since I won’t shower my own brother(!), she arranged a substitute caregiver 2x this week to help him shower, and while there, fix meals, do housework/laundry. All I need to do is bring a few dinners. Today I brought braised short ribs, which he loved. Next I’ll give him a dismembered rotisserie chicken and some cubed jarlsberg for snacking. He has plenty of steam-bag frozen veggies to go with. I’ll probably fix broccoli-cheese soup from that big bag of florets they sell at Costco, and bring him a couple of servings. Although I usually wait till I need gas to go to Costco, this time I need TP! I feel more secure with an unopened package of 30 :wink:

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I feel bad that our aide–who’s being responsible about her exposure to covid–is missing income this week. So I’m paying her for “sick days” (well, hours) for us. I don’t know if anyone else is doing it–she was surprised so I don’t think so.