Grandchildren visit fading

DSIL returned from a business trip and tested positive for covid. First time.

:cry: for him, for DD, for the grandchildren, and for me

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And spaeking of cognitive decline…

The cleaning ladies were running very late yesterday so I had them come this morning instead. We had a looong wait at the barber, and DH was clearly in no mood for a hair wash at the end of it. Or even a hair cut. I had to drag him back to the car. He undid his seatbelt as I drove and was going NO NO NO (haven’t seen this behavior since keppra) and before we got home, tried to open his car door while I was driving. When we entered our neighborhood, he went NO NO NO again :frowning: Luckily, when I got him out of the car (he was a bit resistant), he hung onto me and let me lead him into the house just as the cleaning ladies were leaving.

And then I made a horrifying, and yet also relieving, discovery. I HAD NEVER GIVEN HIM HIS MORNING MEDS!*&^@!& I never made that horrible mistake before, although I’ve been occasionally late with mid-day meds and a couple of times he fell asleep before evening meds. And when we sleep in, morning meds are quite late.

I managed to get both unlocked outside doors locked with lightning speed, then fetched an emergency pill, which he took (HALLELUJA!)–it’s instant-dissolving and improves behavior quickly. I got him to pee on the second try, and finally tried to give him his morning sertraline (zoloft) and amlodipine (BP). fuggetaboutit!

He spat out the sertraline and I added it to a spoonful of yogurt, which he ate–then finished the rest of the little cup (I keep small flavored yogurts on hand for emergencies, usually end uop giving them to him for dessert). Still no amlodipine, but that’s less important. His right-hand tremor returned, briefly–it has been missing in action since ramping up Depakote to 2/day.

He’s almost completely calm now, gibbering gently while studying the plastic bag the cleaning ladies lined the den waste basket with (I don;t waste plastic like that-).

From the barber to home, I drove past the memory care place I picked out as my first choice (for either of us-) and was tempted to turn in the drive and drop him off…

Ah, good–I tried amlodipine again–SUCCESS.

Well, we never made it to Whole Foods–I was going to get a nice takeout lunch, too.

Excitement chez alstro, who needs a remembrall…

PS–He’s completely calm now, just took off his fleece sweater.

NOTE TO SELF–Never EVER miss his morning sertraline & olanzapine!!!


Night & Day!

This morning, shortly after breakfast (AND medicine :wink: he took off his pj bottoms. Strike while the iron is hot! I turned on the shower and bathroom heater, then brought in an outfit for him. He stood still while I removed his glasses (no grabbing for them :slight_smile: and held up his arms so I could remove his shirt more easily (hasn’t done that for weeks). Ripped off the Depends. He stepped right into the shower with no hesitation. Mostly washed his own hair, cooperated while I washed the rest of him–even his feet. Stood still while I made sure he was thoroughly rinsed.

I helped him dress except for shirt, socks, and shoes, then cut his finger & toenails. I helped him into his button-down shirt, then took my own shower. By the time I was dressed and brushed my teeth, he had the shirt almost completely buttoned :wink:

We’re back in our recliners in the den. He just dozed off. When he wakes, it’ll be WHole Foods. Alas, it’s the day before Easter so will be crowded (I had planned to shop on Thursday when the cleaning ladies were here, but then they came aFriday–and you know how that day turned out =8-0 I’m not sure whether to get food for DD & fam so will get enough for a couple of big meals that work well as leftovers.

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Wow Alstro—what a wonderful day so far! I’m so happy for you that this kind of responsiveness is still possible, and that his current medication regimen is helping to access that.


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Too bad it didn’t last!

Last night I couldn’t get him into his pj bottoms and had to struggle against him to get his sneakers off.

This morning he was OK, took amid-morning nap, awakened suddenly and then went to lay down on the kitchen floor(?!?). He refused my offer to help him up, so I left him there and went to play wordle & quordle next door in the den…when I suddenly heard the dreaded sound of liquid hitting solid. Yup, he was peeing on the kitchen floor. A huge puddle as he hadn’t peed since breakfast and right next to where he’d been lying down. I must’ve used 25+ paper towels to sop it up, spray with cleaner, then sop that up. He just stood there watching me. No emotion apparent; no distress. He’s perfectly fine with peeing on the floor :-/

The only times he’s peed on the floor lately have been right by the toilet when he missed the target.

Dude! There’s a reason you’re in Depends! Fergawdsakes, use 'em!!!

Speaking of Depends, I had a package of real Depends (as opposed to the off-brands I’ve been buying from Target and Walmart). They are cut more generously than the imitators–easier for him to pull himself out to pee (is that a good thing or a bad thing?!). Anyhow, I found literal Men’s S/M Depends for a good price via Subscribe & Save on Amazon (48 cents apiece), so I’ll get a bag of 32 once a month from Amazon for now. One less thing to remember to buy at the store. And if I run out, I have several bags of off-brands to tide us over.

Speaking of stores, he was very slow at Whole Foods yesterday, especially walking between the car and the store (I should think about asking our PCP or his neurologist about getting him a permanent handicap placard). I really can only take him comfortably to Trader Joe’s (much smaller store). I won’t abuse it by using it when he isn’t with me. I know how annoying it is when you’re very physically handicapped and all handi-parking-spots are taken. It will be especially helpful when taking him to specialist appts, as the lot where we go for those is always very full and I often have to park at a great distance or even blocks away on the street.

DD, DGS and DGD have tested negative after exposure to DSIL’s covid last Wednesday. Instead of driving down as a family, the 3 of them are flying down this afternoon :slight_smile: DSIL is still testing positive, but only has symptoms of a mild cold. Maybe he’ll be able to join us later in the week. Meanwhile…grandkids coming at last!!


Dude! There’s a reason you’re in Depends! Fergawdsakes, use 'em!!!

I know you’re just venting. And I know you already know this: he doesn’t have sufficient cognition to make any such connection. He probably doesn’t even know what they are.

I do hope you are able to get more aide-hours. As I recall you indicated your preferred aide might have more time available soon.

Just venting :wink:

In preparation for the arrival of grandkids, the hubster has been extra-demented this afternoon. Not paranoid or defiant, just…wandering around the house examining the floor, rugs, and bed quilt at length, taking his shorts & Depends off & on, confused in the bathroom.

My original aide gave her extra time to my brother (he has dibs as a prior client for whom she does more–take to appts, take out to eat/pick up takeout, shopping, pill tray filling, blood sugar testing, cooking, pick up mail at his office, help him pay bills), who now has PT twice a week. She used to work for him on Tuesdays, but now Mondays and Fridays for the PT appts. As I mentioned, bro wakes up around 10am, then needs help to shower and go to PT at 11 on Mondays and Fridays. Since she doesn’t live with bro any more, she doesn’t get to our town till 10am on Mondays. Fridays she wants to boogie at noon or so as she spends weekends visiting local friends & family AND/or going RVing.

I have her daughter as our aide on Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Anyhoo–time to fix tortilla soup for the arrivals!