Cowardly Uvalde police RESTRAIN officer

{And they wonder why citizens want to carry their own protection.}

Cowardly Uvalde police RESTRAIN officer father whose daughter was one of 21 slaughtered in school massacre as cop uses hand sanitizer in front of him and 17 run away, leaked video reveals

Footage of the Uvalde police response to the shooting was leaked on Tuesday

It shows how Salvador Ramos, 18, sauntered through the halls at Robb
Elementary School carrying an AR-15 as a teacher called for help

He then walked into two classrooms and fired for two and a half minutes, shooting off 100 rounds

The new video shows Sheriff’s Deputy Felix Rubio in the hallway, in tears being held back by fellow officers, feet away from where his 10-year-old daughter Lexi was shot dead

The first officers arrived three minutes later, but stood back, with one seen checking his cellphone

Nothing happens until Border Patrol agents ran to the classrooms and began firing at Ramos, killing him

Two teachers and 19 children were killed in the May 24 massacre…