TX: Another Elementary School Shooting

WSJ Headline: Two Dead, Multiple People Injured in Texas Elementary School Shooting

Subheadline: Shooter in custody after incident in Uvalde, police say


Two people died and multiple students and teachers were injured in a shooting at a Texas elementary school Tuesday.

Uvalde Memorial Hospital said 13 children arrived by ambulance or buses for treatment and two people arrived deceased. University Health, in San Antonio, said it had received two patients from the shooting, a child and an adult. The hospital said the adult was a 66-year old woman in critical condition. The condition of the child is unknown.

The Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District, located around 80 miles west of San Antonio, reported an active shooter at Robb Elementary School midday Tuesday.

Latest numbers are 14 dead school children:


UVALDE, Texas – Fourteen students and a teacher are dead after a shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, according to Gov. Greg Abbott.

The 18-year-old suspect, a student at Uvalde High School, is also dead, he said.

“He shot and killed horrifically and incomprehensibly 14 students and killed a teacher,” Abbott said during an unrelated press briefing.

21 dead at this time.


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This is unreal. My first news feed said two students, one teacher. Then ten. Fourteen. Fifteen. Go read a book and fall asleep and wake up to 21.

Where’s Abbot’s bluster this evening about the new Texas law allowing people open and closed carry in Texas and not needing a permit:


Abbot urging Texans to buy more guns than Californians:


Remind me again why we are the best country in the world?


The shooter had a Hispanic name, I wonder if he was an illegal immigrant and whether he had a history of mental illness?

More will be revealed.

A Hispanic name? Like Ted Cruz does? Like Enrique Tarrio does?

We don’t know many things. We do know he had access to guns.


"More will be revealed. "

But will you be able to believe any of what is revealed?


Howie, it sure is too early to say what happened according to the latest news conference. Why did they wait an hr to go in? Where was the school resource officer? Where did this 18 yr.old get money to buy the gun, and the ammo? This stuff isn’t cheap. How about the folks he shot at the funeral home? Why did it take so long for the response? Why were the doors unlocked?

The reason I mentioned the possibility of being an illegal is that it is Texas and there are numerous illegals crossing the border now and in the past. Mental illness of some sort is behind these mass shootings. That is no secret.

Everyone on here talks out loud, so can I. But my mind is open as to what the full investigation comes up with. We don’t know what we don’t know.

Lucky Dog

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Why did they wait an hr to go in?

If cops with tactical gear and their cool Punisher patches sewn on won’t rush one guy with two assault weapons, maybe its time to remove assault weapons for sale in the USA.

Australia did this. New Zealand did this and even paid full cost to buy back these weapons of mass destruction.


"If cops with tactical gear and their cool Punisher patches sewn on won’t rush one guy with two assault weapons, maybe its time to remove assault weapons for sale in the USA.

Australia did this. New Zealand did this and even paid full cost to buy back these weapons of mass destruction. "

Well, you might also hire better cops, better safety management, and perhaps train the teachers
to lock doors during a neighborhood lock-down. Training police to actually do their jobs plus
paying them a reasonable amount to compensate for the risk involved in doing police work would
possibly be in order as well.

But the problem with starting up a Constitutional Convention is that folks will try to change
the Constitution - and particularly the Bill of Rights. When “people of intelligence and authority”
cannot agree on what constitutes a man and a woman and reportedly intelligent folks riot if someone
they might disagree with is given the OK to speak on college campuses - this may not be a good
time for these folks to be messing with the Constitution.



Not so long ago.
In a galaxy not so far away.


How the Senate—Once, Long Ago—Banned Assault Weapons
Courage and common sense were necessary but not sufficient. Here’s how it passed.

In 1989, following a grade school massacre in Stockton, California, that took the lives of five children between the ages of six and nine, the first bill to outlaw assault weapons was introduced in Congress. It languished there for five years, until 1994, when, as an amendment by California Sen. Dianne Feinstein to the omnibus crime bill, the House and the Senate both voted to pass it.

While the vote to enact the omnibus bill was overwhelming in each house, Feinstein’s amendment only squeaked through the House by the narrowest of margins, passing by a vote of 216 to 214. Rural representatives of both parties voted almost universally against it.

In the Senate, however, it passed more comfortably. The vote was 56 to 43.

Fifty-six. Does that suggest something?

That’s right. The amendment wasn’t filibustered. In 1994, bills, even very controversial bills, were not yet routinely filibustered.

The filibuster is the assault weapon of legislation. It kills anything that comes into its range.


Jim, good stuff.

And I wish you a happy 20th Anniversary on Motley Fool.

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