Daily Journal -

Daily Journal


TECH : 3/24/20 ( the “V” ) to present - 1000 shares @ 41.92 Via Simon Sez III

11 highs so far this year. Batting average 1000 percent. 8/8

Total amt inv Total returns Total Profit Average
$24,635,191.33 Pending / waiting - $24,593,362.40 $1,834,018.51 12.77%

Energy stocks to load up on for 2024


Gas: ENB - LNG - RRC ( for the Europeans this winter).

Financial - PGF - PGX

Gold : BTG - GOLD - GLL / UGL - GLD - RGLD -


Quill -


Any body own or swing trade UBER - HD - BK
Selling APPL on 11/24/23

Sold AMZN on 11/28/23

Quill -

Anybody own PLD - an excellent stock to own for it’s divi’s, some say Royalities - https://www.prologis.com/

PLD leases it’s properties to likes of AMZN , WMT, HD, FDX and many more properties in it’s portfolio.

Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN), Prologis’ largest customer by square footage, makes up just 3.5% of its revenue.
It would be recommended to Swing Trade via Simon Sez & Co.

Quill -

So when a the chart goes from a red candle to a green candle the next day and you buy, what do you do the next day when the candle goes back to red. I’m looking at the PLD chart which is at the bottom of your post above and PLD does this red green red green red green (then runs up) in late October into November…doc


I do nothing. You are probably mixing techniques 'tween HA ( candle stix consumes too much of my tyme) and what Simon Sez is to do per the two (2) simple rules.

All my charts are via Simon Sez.

Have you ever been to a Through Breed Horse Races?

Going to try using the Horse Racing analogy in the simplest form.

Let’s look at October 27, 2023 you will see a price label (aka ) the starting Gate where the horse is ready to jump out at the sound of the screaming bell sounds.

ring ring ring the very next bar is called Out of the Gate and the horse takes off.

At around 11/29/2023 the horse is now around the far turn and heading for the Finish Line and should win the race.

Now the Finish line just posted a label on 12/4/2023 and the race is over the following bar after the horse passed the Finished line.

The horse goes to the winning circle and collects his trophy and a bundle of cash.

Notice not one werd was mentioned about GREEN or RED bars.

In review :

Please read the following over and over until it syncs in at https://discussion.fool.com/t/simon-sez-iii-in-review/90365

Understand :

Out of the Gate (the following bar after the Price Label you BUY).

Finish Line (the following bar after the Price Label you SELL)

ignore all GREEN and or RED bars unless you want to buy more shares with the GREEN Bars to increae your profits at the Finish Line.

The only way to see the Price Labels is via StockCharts.

The setup for Stockcharts is as follows:

Class - Stock Charts set up procedure- per Simon’s Werld®

Quill’s Stockcharts setup:

  1. on the URL bar type in stockcharts.com then Enter
  2. click on "Charts & Tools.
  3. find StockChartsACP and enter a Symbol. . . Eg. XLE
  4. It will most likely default to a strange-looking chart
  5. at the top of the URL bar we are looking for DAILY OHLC BARS (open-high-low-close). Later on, you can change to your favourite bells and whistles.
  6. on the left-hand edge is 5 icons
  7. click on the second ICON down
  8. high lighted is XLE blah blah blah will appear
  9. for now, scroll down and find “Murphy” and check it off. Way later you can change to what to whatever you wish
  10. click on the second ICON to close out
  11. click on the first ICON
  12. we will now be adding 2 moving averages
  13. scroll down and find Moving Averages-exponential.
  14. click on it for the first one to be 20 ema.
  15. click on it for the second one to be 200 ema.
  16. this is important because Stockcharts will always try to default to 20 sma and 200 sma.
  17. you should confirm the ema’s by clicking on the first ICON.
  18. stay on the first ICON and click on the far right of the name XLE to what looks like a wheel.
  19. scroll down to “other settings” and check off - extended hours - last price preference line - price labels - y-axis labels - if not done already.
  20. next move to “OHLC Bars Settings” -GREEN BOX for up Color - RED BOX for down Color.
  21. continuing on down, and find " Events" - check off Earnings dates, Dividends, and Predefined alerts.
  22. moving on down and find Alerts - should be default to a BLACK BOX line color.
  23. click on the Close box at the below.
  24. click on the first ICON at the top to close.
  25. Don’t touch the other ICONs for now until later.
  26. Back to the Chart
  27. Save the chart Layout
  28. click on the Bottom ICON (5th one down).
  29. go to the bottom and click on the GREEN BOX - “Save Layout”
  30. Give it a name/s to be used later.
  31. I chose "Simon ", you can choose your favourite name.
  32. the name of the layout should appear to the right of the 4th ICON.
  33. click on the 5th ICON to just show the current chart.
  34. sometimes the cursor disappears. Click on the ICON to the right of the word " SAVE " to what looks like a crosshair.
  35. when calling up a chart, confirm in the upper left-hand corner the ema’s should appear with the ticker symbol.
  36. if the SMA’s appear, click on the 5th ICON, click on the layout name (Simon), then click on the 5th ICON again to close out
    36a. or at the top, click on the 4 square ICON, then click on the name Simon for the 20 / 200 EMA’s.
  37. the chart now appears ready for review.
  38. Later we will go over some scanning tools to find stocks Out of the Gate.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Training exercises via Simon Sez III

re: StockCharts.com
re: Barchart.com

Simplicity works best when following the two (2) simple SIMON SEZ III rules. Violate the rules you will pay a penalty.


https://www.barchart.com/story/news/22359850/chart-of-the-day-go-daddy-go which chart is telling you what to do. This chart or Simon.

https://www.barchart.com/news/chart-of-the-day They are always posting charts that show that have long gone Out of the Gate and around the first turn. We DO NOT chase stocks. We let the prey come to us and not the inverse.

D I V I D E N D S -

Suredividend.com - It is supposed to be Free, don’t buy anything from them





S W I N G T R A D I N G -

From Google.com search for SIMON SEZ III - will attach the below for information.


Going to include the following :

Class - Ellevest matrix - I manage my wife’s portfolio via Simon Sez III

Class - SPDRs - I manage all of them plus XRT via Simon Sez III

Class - Stock Charts set up procedure - make sure you are using 20 ema (exponential moving average)

The Simon Sez - III Trading Method

A repeat - https://discussion.fool.com/t/tyme-has-come-today-in-beating-the-market/58989

Suggestion for stocks and ETFs (exchange-traded funds) to Swing Trade per Simon Sez III rules.

PLD for dividends. They own the properties that AMAZON leases as well as all Walmarts and a few others.
GBTC for sidebar action.

T E T T E R T O T T E R -

The Teeter Totter Principle is all about using a “Seesaw” to balance your Nest Egg’s cash and investments.

For each pair, you will be in one stock at a time. Simon will do exactly tell you want to do.

Get ready for a recession from 2024 to 2025 just like what happened from 2008 to 2009 so as not to lose any money other than a dollar or two.

ETF’s to Tetter Totter

SPXL / SPXS - have been swing trading this pair since 2006 - 2014 earning a substantial amount of money starting with a bankroll of 50K. 2014 - 2022 with 100K. 2023 to . ( your velcme to back check at your leisure ) . . .
SPY / SPDN - SPY issues a nice divi per quarter.

Chef’s choice on the rest of them from the list.

As you swing trade the TTs you will notice you won’t lose money other than getting into Head Fake.

Investing is a business and must be treated as such,

I asked a few Nurses and the cleaning staff who are managing their 401K’s or 403s. They said TransAmerica for the NORHWELL employees. The US Post Office is managed by BLACKROCK.com.

https://www.transamerica.com/investments-fund-center All of them are Mutual Funds. I guess they didn’t get the memo that ETFs are the best to own.
Going to show you one of their Mutual Funds ( TASHX). I am willing to bet that Transamerica is HODlers ( hanging on for dear life ). Look at the chart going nowhere.

VANGUARD is a better company to deal with. Some of my wifes ETF’s in her Portfolio are from Vanguard.

If you can, enroll in a Roth IRA instead of having a Standard IRA with your broker. You are better off in charge when you are in control.

As you will learn how to read charts. observe the prices going up and over the 20 ema. Going over, you trend after coming out of the Gate and then descend after the Finish line. The 20 ema is like a magnet. These charts are silent and yet speak volumes.

Using Horse Racing Analogy :

Out of the Gate = one bar after the price label to buy the stock Right it out all the way to the Finish Line.
At the Finish line = one bar after the price label to sell the stock.

S E C T R A D I N G R U L E S -

T +2 Settlement rules - must have available funds before buying back the stock.

For most stock trades, settlement occurs two business days after the day the order executes, or T+2 (trade date plus two days). For example, if you were to execute an order on Monday, it would typically settle on Wednesday.


DO NOT trade options for they are a ZERO SUM game. Some will win while others will lose their Tommy Johns.

I wish you the best,

Quill - a poor church mouse scratching for a living as a Swing Trader for over 48 years and an Investor for 60 + years.

P.S. Two (2) of my students only swing trade APPL, V, and COST for several years. Checks the charts at 10:00 am and again at 3:30 pm and is done for the day.

P.S. The charts down below might show up in default mode. (ugly) At the top URL bar, change to OHLCBARS ( open-high-low-close.) https://www.incrediblecharts.com/technical/bar_charts.php

re. COST, AAPL, V, GBTC, AJG, MSFT, GDDY. if you want to be Healthy very Wealthy and Wise as a Swing Trader.


So XLE would be a buy today according to the rulez…doc

edit: thanks Quill, I started a free 30 day trial with stockcharts


Excellent observation, - You are correct.
how are doing with LULU and COST and APPL

Observe how many hights were made this year so far. XLE. On average there are about 8 to 10 highs for any stock per year resulting in very nice profits. 13 highs for COST. 10 for LULU. The trick is risk and money management skills per Simons’s rulz.

I’m tracking some 27 stocks and etf’s now. However, COST and LULU are not on the list at this time. I know COST is one of your most profitable. Some of the ones I am are tracking AGL, BTG,TECH, ARM and AMD to name a few…doc

I’m watching all 3 of those in my list. Thanks for the explanation…doc

Looks like a buy for BOIL…doc

Nope. Not even close.

I am just going off the SS rulez from Quill. My chart has the flag but barchart doesn’t. I wonder what is off…doc

Same with MARA. One stockcharts and the other barcharts…doc


Let me cut to the chase. Your charts are crap, and you don’t undertand Quill’s rules. So, let’s do some review.

Price-volume charts can accurately describe what has happened. From what has happened, and from having seen similar setups before, traders try to guess what will happen next.

By and large, they get things right only about 35% to 40% of the time. But because payoffs are asymmetrical, a set of Buy/Sell rules, if thoughtfully constructed, and if consistently applied a statistically meaningful number of times, can show a positive expectancy.

In short, rather than try to follow Quill’s inimitable example, you need to hit the books and to develop your own trading system. Some names are Van Tharp, Alex Elder, Perry Kauffman, Linda Raschke.

If you want some software to backtest your ideas, Then StockAnalyze is the very best there is for its surprising abilities given its very modest price.


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Thank you very much, still on the learning curve…doc

Boil made a nice move this morning coming off that drop…doc

edit: Quill, that flag at 23.82 on BOIL looks pretty good right now to me

So, Doc, pardon my intrusion into this conversation but I get the feeling that you are trying to force the signal to fit a chart. It may “fit” but you have to look at the whole picture. Every other signal is screaming “No.” I won’t pretend to know Quill’s system, and I don’t know your strategy but any trading strategy needs to keep overall perspective. So, a couple thoughts for your consideration.

First, I’m guessing you are looking for a bottom bounce, using Quill’s SSwhatever. Basically looking for a marked high-low. But look at how many times within a few days this chart is tagged by Stockcharts labels. Makes me dizzy. But there is nothing exciting in the PPO or RSI to suggest it is going to make a quick recovery. That is as classic ema downtrend as you can draw. Yes, it has tried to make a move up today, but it’s history and SD suggests best is a gain to 29 by end of year…equal chance of hitting 22. More perspective:

It hasn’t “bounced” significantly in almost a year. If you’re looking for a long term buy, it might work, but personally, I think there are lots of other options to put my money in right now as a trader. Especially since we are climbing back into a secular bull. But just my perspective.


PS I’m retired Hem-Onc, your training?


Thanks Lakedog, my 3 month chart doesn’t have the same number of flags as yours. I set it up per Quills guidance from his stockcharts settings that he uses:

I’m learning the SS system to see if it will be successful 7 or 8 times out of ten trading in and out on the indicators from SS. BOIL has been on a rise since the ‘buy’ flag on SS but was still not flashing buy on the barchart which Arindam pointed out. I’m really just trying to figure out if there is something there on the SS system that quill uses. I haven’t bought any BOIL, but definitely wish I had bought some on that flag from my chart.

I’m a retired anesthesiologist…doc

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Thanks to Arindam,
I was neglecting barcharts while learning stockcharts. Now I have 2 tools that give slightly different information - valuable information for investing. I also use thinkorswim, but still trying to figure it out.

@Quillnpenn , COST is crazy. I see how one could make a fortune just with that one…doc

Understand and appreciate the learning aspect. Something we all must do, continually.

If I remember correctly, at one point he was using the Stochastic RSI as a confirmatory step. Perhaps he’ll be kind enough to correct me and elaborate, but something like he wants the StoRSI(14) crossing upwards over the 20 line. Which it is.

…but seems like I remember an RSI(4) comment and yet also I believe he has made comments about using the TSI. Not sure what his soup de jure is at this time. Hopefully you can work that out.

But to my original point, maybe there’s a better chart to learn on? Also, you seem pretty happy with single day moves, are you day-trading or looking to swing over a couple days to weeks? If shooting at day moves, have you looked at this strategy in different time frames like 39, 65, 120 or 195 minutes? I have no idea how it plays, just thinking. Sometimes it helps to not just recapitulate a strategy but to try and make it your own right out of the gate. In the distant past, I have played with his approach but could not get comfortable with it. But experimenting and even failing is still learning, usually.

Happy hunting,

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