Dark Mode on Fool: Can't decipher when or why some boxes are white?

I like the dark mode. easier to read, however, I don’t understand why some boxes are all white. What do greyed-out text messages mean, if i haven’t read them? Why some white boxes have medium grey text? I imagine that those I haven’t read. But the light grey ones, I haven’t read, either!? So? What’s the blue dot signify on those???

I’m still having a hard time figuring out the hierarchy and distinction of all these symbols. Is there some kind of map we can look at to figure this? Searching through menus is time-consuming and confusing. A visual tree or something that shows us when something is triggered, would be helpful. I’ll post a screen shot and see if that will help. Thanks

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Hi @beginner3388

Any luck with that screenshot? I’m not a dark mode user so a screenshot would be really helpful

As for a hierarchy, which symbols did you mean?

This may not be the best way to use the screenshot, so forgive that.
I don’t understand why in dark mode the text is such a light color grey. Is that to save your eyes? That color usually means it’s old or already read, but like yours, it’s new. Isn’t intuitive nor does it conform to how apple usually uses light grey text. I know that’s not the only os being used by people, but…So, I have to really walk myself through these pages and throw out the many standard conventions of message boards i’ve used for years.
thanks for your attention. If i find anything else that is more specific, I’ll send it along, as well.
Thanks, again.

I agree that the new fool boards do not have a good dark mode, and I prefer dark mode. In dark mode, all background should be dark and all text light.

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this light grey is really hard to read. Is it possible i have my settings wrong? thanks.

No, I’ve reported it…something seems broken in the theme they applied.