Some Apple Diagnostic Software Released

Apple has released the diagnostic software used for most iPhones and Macs.

This should save trips to the Genius Bar & calls to AppleCare.


Good information, although my iPhone is a bit too old to use, the rest may be useful down the line…

I Shared it over on the apple board, maybe easier to find later… Thanks GWP!

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Good find, Gordon, will copy and paste in file for guidance as needed. Thx

More updates today…

** “macOS Sonoma 14.2.1 Update (bug and security fixes)”*
** “Safari 17.2.1 for macOS Ventura and Monterey (bug and security fixes)”*

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Got it image

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This is a test — if you get is Norma would you might just sending a quick reply.

I am trying to figure out how to send private messages on TMF

G- got it both on my e-mail and here. But getting it here on this site means it isn’t private, I assume

Gainesville, GA

On this new platform they disabled sending private messages. You either need to make it public or have some non-TMF way to communicate.


This was made clear when we all joined - apparently some legal reason however I think its silly, FWIW…

I don’t understand. You said you received GW’s private email message, yes? So sending private messages via email IS still allowed?


To be determined as far as I can tell.

I can sent a message as a direct reply if I am “Watching” the person before the message in question is posted. But that process also creates a public message in the thread any one viewing the thread can see. However, if I am lucky and fast, I can delete the public posting from the thread leaving only a note saying my post was deleted.

There are other restrictions.

And I do not know exactly what happens to the actual email sent as the private message – maybe that will be deleted or blank. Right now it is just more complexity than I want to deal with today.


And I can sometimes click the ---- orange “edit” pencil icon and read your deleted stuff.

I scrolled up to your previous post, clicked the “deleted” pencil,
Your post starts with “This is a test. Nor…”

IDK how “watching” changes the ability to read, delete, etc. A post.

:disguised_face:. FWIW.

This sending pvt message stuff is weird! Too much to wrap my brain around.

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Yeah, this makes NO sense to me. If I delete a post, then no one else should be able to read what I wrote, or what’s the point? Yet, if I click the orange edited button on a deleted post, there it is for all to see. Here’s one:

Sometimes ya’ just gotta laugh and let it go. More important stuff in life….

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So can you see my original post after I deleted it? I could understand if only I was able to do that, but certainly no one else should be able to!


Perhaps if you edited the post first to remove what you did not want exposed? Probably not, just a thought.

Yes, I did - lol just hit the orange pencil thingy….

I know you recommend to just to laugh and let it go, but this seems like such a stupid oversight on the web developer’s part. It’s almost like it’s deliberate. It should be assumed by the user (us!) that deleting a post is BETTER than editing it at eliminating errors or misstatements, not worse!

I like a simpler explanation. The web developer looked at the old website, saw the ability to send Private Messages and included that feature. Then the Big Fools decided to run the site past the legal beagles. Since legal beagles have to find something to justify their $600 (or higher) fees, they came up with somebody named GWPotter will most certainly sue the Big Fools if he gets an email form the PM system that GWPotter deems to be SPAM.

Solution: Web Designer solves the problem by make the delete function actually change the text from from black to whatever color the background on that Web page is.