OT Oh great! Not a green cookie!

As if MF forums aren’t an antic mess already, now there is this little floating green cookie that floats around distracting me from what Champ and Saul are talking about.

Every inch of the cellphone has been used up and then some with floating icons and clickbait ads that look like news.

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See if this helps…


See if this helps…


Thanks Ears,
But I do not have any of those settings for Safari on my iPhone.

And I definitely don’t have Safari on my PC laptop with Window.

I understand the .css file, can easily make one, but have no option where to put it.

The Slob


  1. If you use Firefox on your PC, go to your Firefox profile. To get to your profile, type
    about:support as the url in the address window of Firefox. Under the heading Application Basics
    you’ll see “Profile Folder” and a button next to it called “Open Folder”. Click the button and it
    should show you the list of folders and files in your profile.

  2. You need to have a folder there called “chrome” (without the quotes). Note:In
    this case, “chrome” is not referencing the browser Chrome. If the folder isn’t there, create it.

  3. In that chrome folder you need to create a file called “userContent.css” with the css that Denny
    provided or with your modifications.

  4. Last step is to update your config preferences. In the address bar, type about:config. You’ll get
    a screen that says Proceed with Caution. We all know that The Slob sneers in the face of danger, so
    click on the Accept Risk and Continue button. Then click on Show All. Scroll down and set the
    toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets setting to true.

  5. Restart Firefox.

If you run into problems, respond to this post by emailing me and I’ll help you troubleshoot.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Ears,
I am probably going to pass on downloading Firefox.