Datadog - OpenTelemetry Protocol Support

OpenTelemetry is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) initiative that provides open, vendor-neutral standards and tools for instrumenting services and applications. Many organizations use OpenTelemetry’s collection of APIs, SDKs and tools to collect and export observability data from their environment to their preferred backend system.

The Datadog Agent now provides native support for OTLP, making it easy to receive metrics and traces from applications instrumented with OpenTelemetry libraries. In addition, because the Datadog Agent can also collect other telemetry—such as application profiles, network data and infrastructure metrics from 500+ integrations—Datadog customers can now access richer context around their OTLP traces and gain a deeper understanding of their systems and applications. Datadog customers can also connect OpenTelemetry traces with logs to get a more complete picture of their stack.

Saul here: I don’t have a clue what it means, but it has to be at least a positive.


OpenTelemetry is a open source project initial and maintained by several software companies (including DDOG itself, yes, DDOG is one of the developers of OpenTelemetry)

It is target to provide unified interface to collect data and health indicators. Thus, open-telemetry means vendor-free data collection. This is quite popular and widely adopted by IT departments and software companies.

OpenTelemetry may be a threat, for it apply free collection tool.

OpenTelemetry is also provide opportunity because the data been collect need system to transform them to knowledge or to trigger actions.