SCTY and SEDG, The future of tax credits?

From MIT Technology Review: “At the end of 2016, the federal tax credit for solar power is due to drop from 30% to 10% for businesses and to disappear altogether for consumers who buy their own solar panels…”

What are the chances that the next Congress or Administration will extend the tax credits beyond 2016?

The Democrats want to help the environment. The Republicans want to help Business and lower taxes. Each one has an incentive to renew the credits, no?

The Democrats want to help the environment. The Republicans want to help Business and lower taxes…

No. The Democrats want to help themselves to get elected. The Republicans want to help themselves to get elected.



It never ceases to amaze that some adult voters actually seem to think that politicians really care about voters ,that they never put their own interests first. That they are almost the only human beings that do this on a regular basis. Some seem to believe this despite all evidence to the contrary. Despite massive evidence that most are professional dissemblers.

When I see political rallies , lots of 20 year olds screaming and demonstrating for their candidate, I strike it up to youth and naivety. when I see 40+ year olds doing the same thing I strike it up to dumbness, or that they stand to make money or get an undeserved job from that candidate should he be elected.

Even in the rare case of a truly ethical politician or political party, they are usually the slave of some long dead economists, thus it is more of a religion than any fact based rational assessment of what is needed
The all too human desires for wealth power and influence are not absent in these people in fact it is probably accentuated. I come from a family active in politics (not me) and have met and talked to many of them. The higher the office level the less they are to be trusted. Many, especially at city level or lower are decent people who after all have to live with the consequences of most of their actions.
At the national level, they give voters ObamaCare but make themselves immune, they rise from dirt poor to billionaires in 2 generations, like the Gores. Those that seem to cate about the environment mostly care about you making all the sacrifices , they will keep their heated swimming pools, multiple homes, private jets, yachts, gas guzzler giant SUV, etc.


As an elected official I can tell you it is pretty mixed. There are many principled people in politics, they have to be particularly strong to work in a field were so many are in it for the wrong reasons.

Frankly here in California the biggest problem I see is the lack of intelligence. The pay is appalling low for the skill set needed, and the time demands are large, so it attracts two kinds of people - accomplished people without a need for money and with a desire to serve their community, and ego driven people-people attracted to power or craving public recognition.

My net pay is $38.11 a month. I am the highest official in a group with an annual operating budget of $110 million this year. We have 1200+ employees. We have 20 facilities. I hire and evaluate our highest employee who makes $250,000, which we take a lot of heat about.

I could go on. I do not think it is a system built for success, but it IS better than any other system that has been tried from time to time.



The Democrats want to get elected, promote their agenda, and (among other things) help the environment.

The Republicans want to get elected, promote their agenda, and (among other things) help Business and lower taxes.



How do you really feel about it mauser ? :slight_smile:


Nothing against the good people in this thread…But…

This is how a great board becomes a mediocre board…and if it continues, an unbearable board…

If I want this kinda stuff I can reconnect to cable. 24 hours of BS on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC. Arghhh. They got nothin’ but talkin’ heads talkin’ past each other ‘bout nothin’ in the end…

Stock talk is good talk.



I have strong political opinions. I expressed them once (maybe twice) on this board. I know there are people who are “regulars” on this board who hold different opinions from mine, yet we avoid arguments by refraining from posting political commentary.

Please, please honor this unwritten rule.

Politicians will do whatever they do for whatever reasons they may have. The solar ITC will be renewed or it won’t be. A discussion of what effect these alternatives might have on the investments in solar related businesses is appropriate. A discussion on what might be the political motivation for either renewing or allowing the ITC to lapse is not appropriate.