Defining "Progress"?

How are you doing, warriors?

Phew! Wow, it’s been hard to fill in the 60’ deep hole I built since ATHs, and
I don’t plan on ever needing to again. I’m finally up (???) between “Wait a
Minute” and “Don’t tell spouse.” (Please don’t, ok?)

I hope you’re all doing better than this fool.

 **Gain to** 
**Loss	Recover	Response**
0%	0%	 Whee!
10%	11%	 No biggie
20%	25%	 Um…
30%	43%	 Huh?
40%	67%	 Wait a minute
50%	100%	 Don't tell spouse
60%	150%	 Whoa!
70%	233%	 Oh, Crap
80%	400%	 Seriously?
90%	900%	 Call 911
100%	-------	 Easy come, …

Embarrassing Note: ATL was -58.6% during the week of 7/15. (I only track weekly on Fridays.)


A timely reentry with NET and being somewhat diversified has the ports between “um…and Huh?” Nice week! Never thought I’d be happy to only being down 20-30%.

A few more weeks like this and the chatter on the boards might get back to pre-bear level.


Yep, they’re be plenty of advice given when stocks take off again.

Personally, I can’t help but wonder where was everyone when we were
losing millions and watching our carefully-planned retirements going
up in flames?

Human nature, I guess. Or maybe PTSD?

I wasn’t in the military but I know I know damn well what it means to
fight on the wrong side of Shock and Awe. But hey, we’re still standing.

Uh, where’s the soup kitchen again?


The only one I’d wish would stop talking is Jay Powell!

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