Today a pause…..wondering…

Looks like the market paused for breathing today. Will the bots continue grinding down… or a new base built for our growth stocks, who knows.

The drawdowns on our stocks range from 25%-60+%, which means this is the new bottom?


The key indexes are off by only low single digits from recent highs and CNN greed index is neutral (not in extreme fear). If the indexes fall more, will our growth follow the fall? With news of raising interest rates, will sector rotation continue?

My portfolio is off 45% from Oct highs.

Currently hunkering down (like Champ says). I may switch to RTHG with another 10% drawdown on my portfolio.

What are your strategies during these types of carnage?

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What are your strategies during these types of carnage?


Binge eating and lots of watching entertaining and distracting tv. And pop a Tylenol…lowers anxiety.

*no proven effect on port results



Hi gnazare:

Great questions and even if you are in Hunker Down you can use the market time outs to re-allocate within the portfolio. I am always tinkering with something or other.

Of Note: Saul called a bottom not long ago and he could be right. Smart guy. Then you got the Dreamer actually adding money so between the two of those guys maybe the bottom is in. Who knows?

Personally, my plan for tomorrow which was actually a plan for yesterday - involved re-working three allocations; but, it was postponed due to the wife having some routine medical tests that I opted to attend. Support and all. Brownie points?

Anyway I had to forfeit and was going to put the same plan into play today but we rallied. If we rally again tomorrow I will have to just rethink it all through again I suppose.

Rock Steady!

All the Best,

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“My portfolio is off 45% from Oct highs.”

My portfolio is exactly 50% off from Feb 2021 highs.
Maybe it helps you feel better.
Just kiddin´!

But because it´s happened before, I´m all right.
It doesn´t hurt anymore as much (as one week ago - LOL!).
Like my wife says, it´s only money, keep cool and you´ll sleep better.

But I won´t put new money in the market right now.

My best investments of 2021 are NVDA, AMD, FTNT, and LAC and (if I look at them right now) I realize that they all performed better than NET, CRWD, SNOW, MNDY or ZI.

My biggest mistake was not selling UPST IMMEDIATLY after the earnings.

My second mistake was not buying SPG under 120$, when I discovered it on Dreamer´s board…

Good luck to you all, hold your head up and enjoy the weekend!

PS: By the way, I would never buy a PC which has an AMD processor inside.

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Happy Fool Anniversary ClubberV!

Thank you, Champ!