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AMC is charging more for ‘The Batman’ tickets as it tests out a new pricing model

On Tuesday, the company’s CEO, Adam Aron, said the movie theater chain was testing out variable pricing in the U.S. That means new releases could cost more than other films playing in the same theaters at the same time.

AMC had previously successfully raised weekend prices above midweek prices

CEO, Adam Aron…in Europe, we charge a premium for the best seats in the house, as do just about all of the sellers of tickets in other industries.”

Aron said AMC has been a “bolder thinker” when it comes to cinema ticket pricing…

One place I worked gave out some discount ducats for Emagine theaters. They gave me one, so I drove the extra distance to an Emagine to use the ducat. Got up to the box office, told the guy which movie I wanted to see and proffered the ducat. He said “you can’t use those on new releases”, which was not stated on the ducat. Spun around and walked out.

Steve…“bold” this!

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