Did anyone else try to trade Russia?

I’m now up 65% on my Russia trade.

Using the value investing strategy taught by Ben Graham --and advocated by such investing greats as John Templeton, Jim Rogers, etc. – I got in Mar 7 on a low, and --23 days later-- I’m being marked to market at a price that would offer a 65% gain (or about 2,600% annualized if one indulges in that kind of fantasy). So, how did I position myself to do the trade? Very simple. Basic research that anyone could have done once they decided to chart their own investing path instead depending on stock tips from others, much less paying for them.

Small and mid cap growth stocks --the MF’s supposed forte-- can be a fun path to profits. But it isn’t the only path, or even the best one, as benchmarking TMF’s current under-performance against other paths and strategies will show. So, what might some of those paths be? Ah, Grasshopper. That’s where initiative and gumption begin, in figuring out for oneself the answers to one’s own questions. But I’ll give you a hint. As the US continues to commit economic suicide and trash the reserve status of the $US, real assets are likely to benefit. Poke around there. You might find a bargain.


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As of 12:17 EST, make that a gain for me on that Russia trade of 69.3% And as the Mogambo Guru used to say, “Whee. This investing stuff is easy.”

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