A Brag. Up 50% on a Russia trade.


You don’t mess with country funds. But there’s serious money to be made with them. I’m now up 50% for a 22-day holding-period on a Russia trade I did. (“Blood in the streets…” and all that, or classic, Ben Graham-style, value investing continues to be the best way to make a buck or two in markets, instead of your favored MoMo method.)

Also, I found a scanner you/we could use that has an 88% success rate and returns as much as 26x the broad market on the best of trades --which is sheer, unrepeatable nonsense-- BUT offered 4x better than the customary benchmark (SPY) when a conservative basket of well-evidenced picks was traded. (I’ll PM you the details.)




Sounds like a plan and can’t wait for your findings.


It’s against my principles to discuss open trades in enough detail that someone could piggyback on them. But I did discover a backdoor to trading Russia that anyone else could have found for themselves, just by looking.

Not always and not often, there’s serious money to be made in ADRs, in country funds, in junk bonds, in commodity funds, in currencies, all of which TMF oh so conveniently ignores, because they aren’t “investors” in any meaningful sense of that word. They’re just shameless stock pimps who make their real money from subscriber fees.

The opportunities for gains in asset classes/strategies other than s/c cap “growth” stocks --TMF’s supposed forte-- are more than one can track unless one sets up a disciplined method of finding them, because boredom often sets in before they appear, and the opportunity is lost for not looking.

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