Discontent arises in China

How China’s ‘zero COVID’ pursuit is stoking anger, public shaming
As Chinese authorities impose stringent measures to curb COVID infections, some controversial incidents have sparked public outcry.

Over the past two weeks, Chinese authorities have reimposed strict pandemic control measures to curb a new wave of domestic coronavirus outbreaks. However, some of the extreme measures have triggered a public backlash, as Chinese people question the validity of these restrictions.
For the last 13 days, residents of Xi’an — an ancient capital with 13 million people — have been banned from leaving their homes, causing many of them to run short on food and other essential supplies like medicine.

“I think the authorities will only think about how to prevent the local outbreak from spreading, and as long as people are not starving to death from food shortages, they will not pay too much attention to the wellbeing of the residents in lockdown,” the resident, who asked not to be named for fear of reprisals, told DW.

Local authorities admitted on December 29 that, since employees of many logistic businesses couldn’t return to work due to the lockdown, the supply of food and other materials have been affected.