Dismiss button on the right of the screen makes for much mouse work

Most of the items of interest are on the left of the screen. Dismiss button is on the right.

So lots of mouse work moving cursor to the dismiss button.

Maybe make it the default. Or at least move dismiss button to the left of the screen.


An interesting problem, but one I don’t have. Maybe I just have a large enough mouse pad. My mouse pointer speed is at the mid-point (10 out of 20).

Hmm… you could try the keyboard shortcuts:


The wording is a bit cryptic.

  • “Dismiss New” dismisses new topics
  • “Dismiss Topics” dismisses unread topics and comes with an “are you really sure?”

“x, r” means press x and then press r.


Thanks, Raylight. Where are these instructions posted?

I have a list of six topics that I don’t want to read. Neither x,r or x,t works to eliminate them. They come up when you click everything or investment analysis today. To dismiss them you must push the dismiss button which requires moving the cursor across the screen from left to right–mucho many times to work through the whole list on a busy day.

That’s odd. They work fine for me. Although they only work when you’re in the correct “view”. I.e.

x,r should work here https://discussion.fool.com/new
x,t should work here https://discussion.fool.com/unread

You’ll find the shortcuts by pressing ? or pressing the tiny image at the bottom of the sidebar. As for instructions, you’re kinda left with trying them out and hope for the best. Some are obvious in how they work, other’s less so.

Hi @pauleckler,

I just open the Topic, find the “Bell” symbol, click it and choose “Muted” at the bottom and it is gone. Dead!

Does that help you?

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I’m finding that the dismiss button works fine on a touch screen machine. Its a pain on my desktop.

I use an Amazon Fire tablet. Dismiss works fine there. But its tricky to highlight text or to copy links. That works better with Windows mouse right click on the desktop.