Dividend basket in 2024

The dividend basket has had a difficult year in 2023. While I have reached my target wrt dividend payout, the basket has major losses (realized or unrealized) in 2023. Dividend/distribution cuts from PDT, IEP, GOGL, RA among others have also hurt. OTOH, positive payout surprises from TRMD, CLCO & FRO have helped offset some of the damage. QCOM has helped offset on the capital gains side.

Although I shared some thoughts in another thread earlier this month, I have been thinking about the issue for a longer period. Subject to possible revisions, a couple of items need to be there

  1. Need to have a core set of ideas. Sure, IEP, RA & AY disappointed this year. But that doesn’t mean a core idea is a mistake. QCOM & FLNG are proof that there is a place for core positions
  2. Manage expectations for shipping ideas in the basket. I partly did that this year by reducing dividend expectations for the dry bulk ideas in 2023. I plan to do something similar for the tanker picks in 2024.
  3. Need to have flexibility. An example of this in 2023 is NAT & GSL. Maybe VZ a little too.

So, the core ideas for 2024 are AY, IEP, FLNG & QCOM


Though I have a small Golar LNG (GLNG) position in my taxable ac, I don’t consider it a dividend basket idea. I guess, if one asked me “why not?”, my answer would be

  1. Position too small
  2. GLNG just restarted the dividend in 2023

Since I am looking forward, both items can be addressed for 2024. I just have to increase my GLNG stake in 2024, and anticipate that GLNG will be financially stronger in 2024. I mean, the company should (eventually) start to recognize the revenue stream from FLNG Gimi. That will be a huge help in helping diversify the revenue base. Like QCOM in 2023, an improved outlook for GLNG could help support a better PPS.

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Normally, at the start of a New Year, there is at least an inkling of a list. In the worst case, I will just grab 10 - 20 names from a prior watchlist and start with those names. In 2024, not so much. If it is a watchlist, then it just needs to be a bunch of names - not necessarily a deep dive into the names. Ok, on the dividend side – UWM Holdings (UWMC). Google quotes seem to mess their PPS – SOFI.

Have a line item entry “Other” for those odd-ball dividend payments that occur in the DRIP ac. I give the line an annual target, and in 2024, the target was reached in the first week of the year!
How? Brazilian Beer Bet i.e. ABEV annual dividend accrued in the first week of the year. The problem with a Brazilian dividend paying holding is there isn’t an easy way to reclaim Brazilian withholding. For me, ABEV’s dividend is secondary. The bet usually pays off bigger.

This past week, a holding I no longer own i.e. UWMC, paid its dividend. So that also ends up in the line entry “Other”. Although not planned that way, UWMC’s exit was because it exceeded expectations so quickly. Ironically, that’s my criteria for an ABEV sell - reaching a target price. So two bosom buddies in the “other” category.

In search-for-dividend ideas: Will likely toss EQNR in the watchlist. Just to keep an eye on it.

Hmm? The reason I started this thread makes sense today with a strong correlation to why I think I started it back in late Dec 2023. But, for threads I initiate, there is some type of frequency associated with it. Single subject threads go for as long as there is interest. Monthly threads focus on a month.

This thread? No clue. no recollection of having a frequency tied to it. It makes some sense that it would be worth revisiting. at least mid-year. Anything else is just a bonus. So that makes this a bonus post!

Awrighty, the deets. Though there were two smaller transactions - small gain from INSW trim, and a larger gain from GSL transaction. But, growing the basket has been the overall focus. This has been accomplished via adding to existing positions. Or, in a special case, multiple small transactions to make Dorian LPG (LPG) a formal position. I also decided to include the Covered Call ETF, QYLD, in the basket in 2024. Trending nicely in 2024 so far. On the flip side, the two largest holdings - AY and FLNG have not been behaving well to start the year. The latter just announced its Q4 2023 results and maintained their dividend. Lots of LNG tankers deliver in 2024, but FLNG are reasonably well hedged with 50 tanker-years of contract coverage across 12 of 13 owned vessels, plus interest rate hedges on a majority of its bank debt.

And … well, I wait for basket holding to announce their end-of-2023 results. That will likely inform me of any major changes I may need (or be forced) to make

I guess this thread can be updated for an end-of-quarter perspective
March was a good month with 3 of 4 core ideas (QCOM, AY and FLNG) paying out their Q4 dividend. IEP announced in Feb, but pay in April 2024.
Started an initial position in LPG, then kept adding to the stake.
Also added to AMBP a couple of times in Q1.
Closed out PDT position.

At the end of Q1 2024, basket was 26.5% of the dividend target. [Edit] I have no expectation that the quarterly payout will be the same. Actually, with IEP’s first distribution of 2024 pushed into Q2 of 2024, there will be likely be some type of domino effect.

Added to my AMBP position in Feb (X2), Mar and Apr. Company announced results last week, and share price popped. Not the most exciting or sexiest business out there (recyclable containers for the beverage industry). But, the name was appealing when the company came across my radar.

Is 10c quarterly doable? Not sure. Improve their debt position a little, and perhaps it is. Lower Capex spending in 2024 (and maybe 2025) might help.

Not sure who the quiet visitors are, … but thanks for stopping by & reading.
I guess I can provide an update.
Though not considered in MY dividend basket, some recent developments in my Roth ac helped enlighten me to a “tax preferred” feature. I own AY in both my Roth ac and taxable ac. During 2024, I decided to flush out most of my AY stake in the Roth ac. The sold shares in the Roth ac don’t get any benefit. OTOH, there is a benefit for the AY shares in a taxable ac.

Well, it has to do with the nature of AY’s payout. Much of AY’s payout is a return of capital - in an ordinary course of events, one doesn’t notice. However, come tax-time AND one sold AY shares, the return-of-capital reduces AY’s cost basis. If I hadn’t sold some AY shares in 2023 and received an updated 1099, I would have likely missed that point.

I’m not saying never buy a major “return of capital” idea in a Roth ac. Just realize, the idea doesn’t get the tax advantage. FWIW, another holding that potentially has this “feature”, and I own in both Roth ac and taxable ac is International Seaways (INSW). Haven’t confirmed, so I say “potentially”. But from quick skimming of interwebs, “special dividends” are usually return-of-capital transactions. INSW paid significant special dividends in 2023, and announced a significant one in q1 2024. Overall, INSW is a small stake in the Roth ac. So, it won’t have a major impact in the Roth ac as the AY stake did.
But, now that I know, I will think twice about adding to INSW stake in Roth ac.

Another core dividend basket idea is IEP.
April - May 2024 have been an IEP recycle period. 04/01 (the irony :wink: ) is when I chose to sell a chunk of my IEP stake. Waited the requisite 30 days, and then purchased “replacement” IEP units over two transactions. This week, bought a a few more IEP units.

The other two core ideas are doing great and/or recovering.
QCOM is one of the few dividend basket ideas that is being DRIP’d in the taxable ac. Was purchased for its wireless edge. But QCOM is also showing that it can be an AI player - Wohoo! Last core idea is FLNG, and share price is starting to recover.

A couple of ideas showed up on the radar. Both shipping ideas, each pays a dividend, and the two companies are related. The two ideas are Hafnia Tankers (HAFN) and BW LPG (BWLP). Hafnia focuses on the clean tanker segment, while BW LPG is an LPG shipping entity. The latter has only been a US listing for about three weeks, and just came across my radar this week. Nibbled on HAFN already.

Looks like I have to replace a dividend basket core holding - The English (and some co-investors) have landed

The release indicates AY will continue paying a dividend until the deal is complete in Q4 2024 or early 2025. That’s “nice” (sarcasm). Brookfield had been rumored as being interested in AY. I wonder if that’s still the case? Personally, already started dumping AY